Work etiquette

Business dining: how to make an impression

The ways in which business gets done in today's global marketplace is evolving at a rapid rate. Even in the midst of new paradigms and emerging technologies, one thing remains constant: big deals...

Social rules

Can adultery can save your marriage?


John Bingham in London An "unforgiving, puritan Anglo-Saxon" attitude to adultery is damaging married life in Britain, driving couples to divorce rather than strengthening the family, according to an outspoken academic.

Eating out

Forget chairs and maitre d'

Virtual maitre'd in Los Angeles

Jill Dupleix If New York and Los Angeles are anything to go by, then Sydney is about to see restaurants with no chairs and bars with no stools.

All men are liars

Governed by inferiors


Sam de Brito A while ago, Plato apparently said "one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors", which I'm sure would ring in the ears of every...

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Pleasure giving

Last-minute ideas for Valentine's Day

generic..White Background
Isolated On White
Heart Shape
Valentine's Day
Single Object
Three-dimensional Shape
Love Heart

Valentines Day is one day that it doesn't hurt to ignore your partner if they tell you to forget about it.


Mind your modern manners

Colour cartoon / illustration by Andrew Joyner. 


From: Andrew Joyner [mailto:andrewjoyner@internode.on.net]
Sent: Sat 13/12/2008 2:48 PM
To: Louise Radcliffe-Smith
Cc: Amanda DUNN
Subject: Party etiquette illos (last 2)

Hi there

here are the last couple -the horizontal plus the little spot for the 
breakout.  Any probs, just give me a call.

cheerio A

Andrew Joyner
55 Ashbourne Rd
Strathalbyn SA 5255
ph 61 8 8536 2958
mob 0408 835 407

Fiona MacDonald Brush up on basic etiquette if you want that business dinner or first date to go well.

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All Men Are Liars

A toast to incompetence


Sam de Brito Is it really so difficult to brown two pieces of bread? Forget it, I'll do it myself.

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Business dining

The do's and don'ts of client lunches

In the midst of emerging technologies, one thing remains constant: big deals often come together over meals.

Party crowd

London's enduring celebrity haunt

Mahiki bar, London.

The paparazzi are poised for snaps of princes and popstars at the front door, but you don't need fame or fortune to have fun at London's hot celebrity hang out, Mahiki.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival


David Sutherland Candle-lit laneways, exquisite sweets, renowned chefs - it's the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

It's all relative

Eliza, Nick and Angela Brown from All Saints wineryMonday 16 June 2008Age Epicure  pic. Rodger Cummins rcz080616.002.001 SPECIAL

In the notoriously fractious world of hospitality, there are many putting family ties to the test.