Rich list

Vergara the highest-paid actress on TV

Sofia Vergara is the highest-paid actress on US television over the past 12 months, according to a list published by Forbes magazine.

Forbes celebrity valuations

Naomi Watts: best value for money actress in Hollywood

Naomi Watts.

Dorothy Pomerantz, When it comes to return on investment, Naomi Watts tops the list in Hollywood.

All Men Are Liars

One cool customer


Sam de Brito History will come to regard our first female prime minister very differently to the current narrative.

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Oral history


Sam de Brito It's a cinematic cliché: the man who'll drop everything for fellatio.

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First jobs

Before they were famous

jon hamm

Starting out... Jon Stewart was puppeteer, Hugh Jackman a party clown, and Brad Pitt a limo driver for strippers.

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Forbes list

The world's most powerful women

most powerful

Forbes again ranks German Chancellor Angela Merkel the most powerful woman in the world in the annual list dominated by politicians, businesswomen and celebrites.


Entrepreneurs star on BRW Rich Women list

Nicole Kidman

Caitlin Fitzsimmons Obscure internet mogul tops list, movie star Nicole Kidman in top five.

All Men Are Liars

Defeated dads


Sam de Brito When dads disengage, sometimes it's because it hurts too much not to.

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Born billionaires

The World's Hottest Billionaire Offspring

These dashing youths are not only attractive, but as the children of the world's wealthiest people, they are also devastatingly rich.

Forbes' list

The young and the powerful

Forbes most powerful

Who are tomorrow's best and brightest? Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber make list of top-achievers under age 30.

Ummm ...


Sam de Brito Ahhh, summer, the clink of glasses, the soft throb of Rod Stewart on the stereo, a lingering glance here, another drink there, inhibitions run wild, tonight's the night! ... and ... and ...

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Top of the crop

GQ's man of the year


The 37-year old actor Joel Edgerton takes top gong amid rumours he is set for super-stardom for his upcoming role in The Great Gatsby.

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Chivalry rules

How to be Mr Modern Manners


Iain Hollingshead A guide to chivalry for the confused and fallible 21st-century male.

Knives out

Fresh-faced Warne denies facelift

shane warne

Australian cricket great Shane Warne has denied claims he used Botox or had a facelift, saying his youthful look is thanks to moisturisers, healthy eating and exercise.

Canadian crooner

Call him irresistible

Michael Buble.

Shelly Horton He has written songs that he later found too heartbreaking to sing, has a reputation for fighting and needs a nose job. Michael Buble opens up to Shelly Horton.

Truly a premiere


AFP Laos - with only two movie theatres and no production companies - has released its first film.

A career of one's own


Julia Llewellyn Smith Rebecca Miller was never going to the selfless artist's wife, even married to Daniel Day-Lewis.