All Men Are Liars on Comedy

All Men Are Liars

Ladies, why so serious?


Sam de Brito It seems the only thing women find enduringly humourous about men is their "issues".

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All Men Are Liars

The blob


Sam de Brito Are you part of the big, indifferent mass that will decide our next PM?

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They blinked


Sam de Brito Recently, I attended a large fundraiser, diligently organised by wonderful people to raise money for a fantastic cause ...

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Sam de Brito I'd hate to give you the impression my mates are a pack of yobbo loudmouths because, they're not - honest - but, carrying on from yesterday's post about political correctness, I'd like to tell you...

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Sam de Brito In the last five years or so the "harden the f--- up" catch-cry popularised by Chopper Read impersonator Ronnie Johns has gone from being a comedy routine, to an internet meme, to a genuine mainstay...

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