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All Men Are Liars

Virtually impossible to prove wrong


Sam de Brito What if your life is just a simulation on a computer built by an advanced civilisation?

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All Men Are Liars

Gods of metal


Sam de Brito Hard rock gigs are a rare way for young men to get physical in an appropriate manner.

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All Men Are Liars

Life at the bottom


Sam de Brito Prescription opioids are the new drug of choice. I hit the street for look behind the headlines.

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All Men Are Liars

CSI suburbia


Sam de Brito What cringeable crumbs of evidence would crime scene investigators find in your home?

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All Men Are Liars

Horizontal drinking


Sam de Brito Feel that chill in the air? Time for some drinking in bed, I reckon.

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All Men Are Liars

Fans with typewriters?


Sam de Brito The story within the story might be why every sports journo and commentator missed the biggest yarn of the last 10 years - if not ever.

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All Men are Liars



Sam de Brito "Overall, it seems you're still better off to be a man," said the article in this very newspaper."Excellent!" I thought, excited to find out how good I had it because I've been gifted with testicles .

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Death knock


Sam de Brito Everybody, it seems, knows how to do a journalist's job better than they do; with more integrity, greater insight, fuller imagination and better "splleing".

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Sam de Brito Next time a person swears at you in traffic, why not wave giddily at them so they'll spend the rest of the day wondering which acquaintance they just insulted ...

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Weigh in


Sam de Brito So, thanks to my somewhat pathetic, pleading blog post last month 'Give me a TV show', I've hooked up with a production company called R & R Media and we're going to shoot a 'sizzle reel' for All Men...

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Muslim Brotherhood


Sam de Brito So, in an attempt to counteract the bellicose hysteria about Muslims, Islam and the Middle East that seems to be generated or insinuated by many mainstream media organisations, I bin educamating...

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Peter Roebuck's sad legacy


Sam de Brito I feel sorry for gay blokes - not in a pitying, condescending way, and certainly not every gay man. There are plenty of gays who annoy me - particularly the vicious, snippy, Carson Kressley wannabes...

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Sam de Brito Yesterday, as part of White Ribbon Day, I flew to Melbourne and participated in a panel discussion about violence against women for the Law Institute of Victoria, and at the end of the talk, all...

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The worst feeling in the world


Sam de Brito Hopefully time will tell whether Troy Davis, the American prisoner executed last week in Georgia, was actually guilty of the murder he was accused of. For everyone's sake I hope he was ...

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Your obituary


Sam de Brito The news that highly-respected ABC journalist Paul Lockyer, as well as pilot Gary Ticehurst and cameraman John Bean have died in a helicopter crash has devastated many Australians familiar with his...

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