The commoners who marry into royalty

Kate Middleton

Megan Willett A former journalist is to be Spain's next queen, joining a long list of 'everyday' royals.

When social media slip-ups bite


Nina Hendy Can a carelessly posted photo or comment really have an impact on your career?

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All men are liars

Something in the water


Sam de Brito Maybe the time has come to slip a little moral enhancement into our tap water along with the fluoride.

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Love reversal: it's all about the man in Japan

Valentine heart chocolate

Myvawny Costelloe Roles flipped as Japanese men relax and women buy them chocolates to mark Valentine's Day.

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All Men Are Liars

Boston boat people


Sam de Brito What if the next boat to arrive at Christmas Island was filled with Bostonian runners fleeing terrorism?

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All Men Are Liars

Hating the media


Sam de Brito I'm never surprised by how many people dislike the media. I work in it and hate it as well.

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Child porn


Sam de Brito Bear with me today, cos it's gonna get a little uncomfortable: I want to talk about child pornography.

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Hollywood heroes

Leaders of the celluloid world


Sylvia Pennington Meet the white collar warriors whose fictional shenanigans have stamped a lasting impression on the collective consciousness.

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Ripped off in the 80s


Sam de Brito The longer I live, the more convinced I become my generation got savagely ripped off as teenagers growing up in the 80s* ...

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Glitch mars opening of world's tallest tower


Strong winds forced the operators of the Tokyo Skytree, the world's tallest tower, to shut down its lifts on its opening day Tuesday, leaving some visitors stranded on a 450-metre-high observation...

Parental love

In my father's footsteps

William McInnes.

William McInnes What began as a walk to the supermarket for actor William McInnes and his children becomes a philosophical stroll down memory lane - a reminder of the inevitability of change and the endurance of...

Lack of faith sinks The Square

Portrait of Nash Edgerton at the Blue Tongue Films offices. Nash co-wrote and directed Australian film The Square. Thursday 14th August 2008.  James Brickwood.  NEWS 080814  000

Jim Schembri Australia is an unforgiving place to launch a home-grown movie, writes Jim Schembri.