All Men Are Liars on Disaster

All Men Are Liars

Hating the media


Sam de Brito I'm never surprised by how many people dislike the media. I work in it and hate it as well.

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All Men Are Liars

Boston boat people


Sam de Brito What if the next boat to arrive at Christmas Island was filled with Bostonian runners fleeing terrorism?

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All men are liars

Something in the water


Sam de Brito Maybe the time has come to slip a little moral enhancement into our tap water along with the fluoride.

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Ripped off in the 80s


Sam de Brito The longer I live, the more convinced I become my generation got savagely ripped off as teenagers growing up in the 80s* ...

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Child porn


Sam de Brito Bear with me today, cos it's gonna get a little uncomfortable: I want to talk about child pornography.

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