Plugging holes in your self-esteem


Sam de Brito Snobbery always tells you more about the shortcomings of the snob than the snubbed.

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All Men Are Liars

Mello-ing gracefully

mello yello

Sam de Brito When your idols age, you can't help reflect on your own ... ahem ... maturity.

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Outdoor Type?


Sam de Brito One of our great Australian songs, generally not considered an Australian song, is the Lemonheads 'Outdoor Type', sung by the once omnipresent Evan Dando ...

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Terrorism as male bonding


Sam de Brito Some years ago, Columbia University Professor Richard Bulliet was engaged by several British police forces to review and write reports about allegedly jihadist materials seized during invesitgations...

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Money, money, money

Power plays

Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street.

Jessica Irvine Neither a borrower nor a lender be ... instead watch the drama that unfolds around such acts of avarice when writers mine the global financial crisis for material, writes Jessica Irvine.

Rock legend

Mental in a good way

Reg Mombassa.

Andrew West Andrew West meets the artist and rock legend formally known as Chris O'Doherty.

Stylish transition

Tom Ford swaps fashion for film with 'Single Man'

Tom Ford.

Fashion designer Tom Ford has made a seamless transition to filmmaker with A Single Man, the soulful, immaculately styled story of a grieving college professor in 1960s California.

Mr Nice Guy

Matt Damon, golden boy

Matt Damon.

Helen Barlow Helen Barlow reveals the joking family man who is the real Matt Damon.

Cat tales

Rich man, paw man

Jim Davis with his character Garfield.

Helena de Bertodano Sarcastic, slovenly Garfield - the world's most popular cat - is the creation of a man who couldn't be more cheerful or industrious. Jim Davis talks about the ginger tom that saved his life.

The 50 year plan


John Baily Melbourne comedian Sammy J is launching a show he plans to run for half a century.

Another side to funny business

More pics                 Jo Roberts Deputy Arts Editor The Age Ph: +61 3 9601 3024 Fax: + 61 3 9601 2327     From: Craig Platt Sent: Monday, 21  July 2008 1:37 PMTo: Jo-Anne ROBERTSSubject: More  pics  Judd Apatow (left)  and comedian Craig Robinson.   Tripod - turns out  it is from the Just For Laughs festival gala. All the images in the whole site  are dated April for some reason.   Craig Platt Travel Editor  Online and   Online 03 9601 2638 www  www

Craig Platt Australians join in the wheeling and dealing of the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival.

How record rack lost its groove

- Thurs 7th August 2008. Illustration of Gramophone and dog listening to ipod. illo

As CD sales plummet and artists desert their music companies, new ways of doing business are the key to survival, writes Bernard Zuel.