Best sellers

Female writers tap a rich vein

Prolific writer James Patterson is by far the world's highest earning author but a trio of women are gaining ground as Forbes richest.

Auctioned off

Michael's jacket priced to thrill

Thriller jacket

Los Angeles The red and black leather jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his Thriller video sells for $US1.8m at auction.

James Bond

Royal marines dish up new 007


The new James Bond novel launched this week with a fast car, a leather-clad Bond girl and royal marines descending from the roof on wires.

Mr Nice Guy

Matt Damon, golden boy

Matt Damon.

Helen Barlow Helen Barlow reveals the joking family man who is the real Matt Damon.

Lack of faith sinks The Square

Portrait of Nash Edgerton at the Blue Tongue Films offices. Nash co-wrote and directed Australian film The Square. Thursday 14th August 2008.  James Brickwood.  NEWS 080814  000

Jim Schembri Australia is an unforgiving place to launch a home-grown movie, writes Jim Schembri.