Where the super-rich will be in 2014

Megan Willett If you want to hang with the upper crust in 2014, here's a copy of the flight plan.

Davos days

The powder and the glory


The cultural mash-up that is Davos is not all about heavy-duty business, economics and politics.

Lonely journey

Adventurer attempts to cross Antarctica solo

Felicity Aston

As she skis across Antarctica, Felicity Aston is taking on dangers including crevasses, storms, injuries and frostbite.

Privileged little shit


Marlo Begsley* Confession: I'm a privileged little shit; I'm the kid you see driving around Mosman in a BMW, the kid you judge for being incredibly spoilt, for not appreciating their yearly trips to Aspen or Vail .

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Born billionaires

The World's Hottest Billionaire Offspring

These dashing youths are not only attractive, but as the children of the world's wealthiest people, they are also devastatingly rich.