Sam de Brito has spent more than a decade writing for TV, film and newspapers. In his books, No Tattoos Before You’re Thirty and No Sex With Your Ex, he offers advice to his unborn children. In his offerings The Lost Boys and Hello Darkness, he takes the pulse of Aussie manhood. Now it's your turn as he expounds on the business of being a bloke.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Lessons in accountability


    Sam de Brito Think your job is stressful? Try marching 10,000 murderers out of the desert.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Gen Y takes centre stage


    Sam de Brito The new theory: our young sportspeople suck because we cruised through the GFC.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Are you raising a sucker?


    Sam de Brito Do we disadvantage our children by teaching them kindness, honesty and justice?

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    All Men Are Liars

    Five top tips for writers

    Sam De Brito

    Sam de Brito It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks; your writing should be its own reward.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Slave to our thoughts


    Sam de Brito Being happy with your lot in life is typically a lot harder than it sounds.

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    All Men Are Liars

    What's it got to do with me?


    Sam de Brito It wouldn't kill us - or anyone else, for that matter - to acknowledge injustices of the past.

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    All Men Are Liars

    My other, other Benz


    Sam de Brito Does it matter what car you drive? Only people who haven't driven a damn good one say "no".

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    All Men Are Liars

    CSI suburbia


    Sam de Brito What cringeable crumbs of evidence would crime scene investigators find in your home?

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    All Men Are Liars

    Adult self-soothing


    Sam de Brito Drugs, alcohol, golf or running marathons are all ways grown-ups pacify themselves.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Lion-hearted hypocrites


    Sam de Brito When does expat parochialism become obnoxiousness? This Saturday night, probably.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Is monogamy past its use-by date?


    Sam de Brito We live with institutions set up to solve the problems of the past and wonder why they don't work today.

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    All Men Are Liars

    The Game of de-Throning a PM


    Sam de Brito Malcolm Turnbull for PM: still a fantasy, or slightly more likely this week?

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    All Men Are Liars

    The body shots keep coming


    Sam de Brito Do click-baiting internet images further devalue whatever remaining self-respect vulnerable men have?

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    All Men Are Liars

    The ladder of addiction


    Sam de Brito At what point does the odd sneaky dabble in your chosen vice become a destructive habit?

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    All Men Are Liars

    One cool customer


    Sam de Brito History will come to regard our first female prime minister very differently to the current narrative.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Open slather

    Sam De Brito

    Sam de Brito What's on your mind? I'll take questions and even role-play, if it makes you happy.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Climate wars


    Sam de Brito The US Navy is mapping out battle plans based on climate change, and not just for giggles.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Fear of a female planet


    Sam de Brito Scuttlebutt always abounds, but why is the media suddenly taking such interest?

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    All Men Are Liars

    A toast to incompetence


    Sam de Brito Is it really so difficult to brown two pieces of bread? Forget it, I'll do it myself.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Come slowly, slowly, the ground is wet

    Anti-goverment protesters chant slogans during a demonstration at Gundogdu square in Izmir, on June 10, 2013.

    Sam de Brito Turkey's troubles are rooted in an issue that should sound familiar to Sydneysiders.

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