Sam de Brito has spent more than a decade writing for TV, film and newspapers. In his books, No Tattoos Before You’re Thirty and No Sex With Your Ex, he offers advice to his unborn children. In his offerings The Lost Boys and Hello Darkness, he takes the pulse of Aussie manhood. Now it's your turn as he expounds on the business of being a bloke.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Mining for truth


    Sam de Brito Was scrapping the Mining Tax the greatest con job of our generation?

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    Sam de Brito

    Hi-viz invisibility


    Sam de Brito Want to become invisible to much of the female population? Wear "hi-viz'.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Steady Eddie


    Sam de Brito The reason Eddie McGuire kept his job is simple: Indigenous Australians have no power in this country.

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    All Men Are Liars

    All men are not equal


    Sam de Brito The best we can hope for is our legal and education systems to offer "approximate equality".

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    All Men Are Liars

    Getting real about racism


    Sam de Brito Try calling a black man "King Kong" in the US and see how many teeth you have left to apologise with.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Getting somewhere


    Sam de Brito Why the obsession with "getting somewhere"? You're probably already there.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Hating the media


    Sam de Brito I'm never surprised by how many people dislike the media. I work in it and hate it as well.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Senior moments


    Sam de Brito The only thing more certain than death is the humiliations that accompany old age.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Empty your pockets


    Sam de Brito And prove just what an individual you are (not).

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    All Men Are Liars

    Life through Google's eyes


    Sam de Brito Google has prototyped an anonymous profile of its users ... yes, that's you.

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    All Men Are Liars

    The road to freedom


    Sam de Brito Being released from the grip of sexual desire is like a slave escaping a savage master.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Horizontal drinking


    Sam de Brito Feel that chill in the air? Time for some drinking in bed, I reckon.

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    Oral history


    Sam de Brito It's a cinematic cliché: the man who'll drop everything for fellatio.

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    All Men Are Liars

    The ugly industry


    Sam de Brito The less attractive you are, the more outraged you tend to get on the internet.

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    All Men Are Liars

    The overview effect


    Sam de Brito Random acts of kindness are under-rated in a narcissistic society.

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    All Men Are Liars

    Reality's bite worse than Barker


    Sam de Brito We are reaching a point where to criticise women publicly is distorted as being misogyny.

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    All Men Are Liars

    A moment


    Sam de Brito Australians are abusing prescription drugs and alcohol at "alarming rates". Well, derr ...

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    All Men Are Liars

    The indestructible phone


    Sam de Brito What's the real cost of our pathological need to have the newest, shiniest everything?

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    All Men Are Liars

    What are we good for?


    Sam de Brito Hey, tough guy. How do you think you'd fare in a war ... against your grandparents?

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    All Men Are Liars

    Boston boat people


    Sam de Brito What if the next boat to arrive at Christmas Island was filled with Bostonian runners fleeing terrorism?

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