The Long Run

10 ways to keep up your training on holiday

Pip Coates   When you're out of routine it's all too easy to skip sessions. Try these tips to keep moving.

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Response to 'smart' bike helmet is telling

The "smart hat", which is being touted as a road safety device.

Michael O'Reilly   Frenzied feedback about some untested drawings tells us a lot about attitudes to cycling in this country.


How tough is tough enough?

How dirty are you willing to get to win the 'likes' of your Facebook friends?

Gary Nunn   Will our desire to prove our toughness end in a Hunger Games-esque fight to the death?

Boot Camp

Dear Santa, time to lose the big gut

We all need to set a good example - especially high-profile givers of presents.

Michael Jarosky   The jolly fat guy in the red suit needs to set a better example for the children, and so do you.

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The Long Run

Silly season survival for runners

How are you going to handle the conflicting priorities between your training and the inevitable social opportunities the 'silly season' brings?

Pip Coates   You've dedicated yourself to quality training all year. Why let it go now?

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On Your Bike

Parked cars: a challenge for cyclists

The overlap zone: cyclists often need to merge into faster-moving traffic to pass parked cars.

Michael O'Reilly   Dealing with parked cars can be one of the great challenges of urban cycling.

Boot Camp

Seven habits of healthy Australians

Fill your trolley with fresh food from the refrigerated section and shop 'around the aisles' as much as possible.

Michael Jarosky   Studies show we're becoming a nation of fatties, but there's still time to turn it around.

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Stitched Up

What men shouldn't wear to the gym

Comfort is paramount, but don't confuse 'comfortable' with 'sloppy'.

Benjamen Judd   Yes, comfort is paramount. But leave the much-loved, food-stained t-shirt at home.

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The Long Run

Baby steps: the rise of pram runners

Thanks to lightweight prams, parenthood isn't stopping keen runners from getting out and about.

Pip Coates   It's hell on wheels for the mums and dads who push a heavier load than most.

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Why do cyclists wear cleated shoes?

Fixed up: cleated shoes give greater control and comfort during intense riding.

Michael O'Reilly   Ah, cycling shoes. They're so elegant when you're on a bike - but they can be really awkward when you're not.

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Boot Camp

Choose change over season of silliness

There will be many choices over the next six weeks. Which will you make?

Michael Jarosky   The season of excess is just around the corner. Choose change instead.

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Do real men really do pilates?

There's nothing unmanly about being strong and flexible.

Gary Nunn takes his first class and emerges with masculinity intact and new respect for the discipline.

The Long Run

Eating and running: what works best?

Everyone has a different idea what works to fuel up before a run.

Pip Coates   Runners are constantly trying to find the perfect fuel that doesn't cramp their performance.

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On Your Bike

Texting drivers: a cyclist's worst fear

Telling yourself you need to send that text now? Think again, a life may be at stake.

Michael O'Reilly   This phone foolishness on our roads scares me most when I ride my bike.

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Boot Camp

The six weirdest fitness trends of 2014

Naked yoga ... beware of dangly bits.

Michael Jarosky   Fancy a spot of prancercise? How about gojjing, oil pulling or naked yoga?

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The Long Run

Running drills: your new best friend?

running generic

Pip Coates   It might feel like being in the army, but you'll almost certainly get strong and faster.

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Why do you cycle to work?

Joe Patamisi races cars from Wyndham to Melbourne's Federation Square during a recent challenge featured in The Age.

Michael O'Reilly   Wacky races aside, many people find it's just quicker and easier than other options.

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Boot Camp

Banish run-of-the-mill from the treadmill

Pound out the kilometres if you must, but add some variety to keep boredom at bay.

Michael Jarosky   Get creative and motivated in the gym to run your way into some serious fitness.

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The Long Run

Why proper running gear is worth it

The right gear can make a big difference to your enjoyment of running.

Pip Coates   Yes, you should 'just do it', but you'll do it a lot more comfortably with help from technology.

On Your Bike

Commentary on bikes: it's a vicious cycle

Dark forces: social media comments about cycling can be confronting.

Michael O'Reilly   Open any cycling topic for comments and there'll be more venom than a nest of vipers.