The ultimate Aussie golf trip?

Steve Colquhoun Stepping out of a plane and onto the first tee isn't a bad way to start a round.

Silver service

Australia's secret service: inside the world of a butler


Stephanie Gardiner Instead of whispering into their cufflinks and protecting the president, a secret service is at work in Australia, cooking, cleaning and maybe even making the odd covert helicopter trip for fresh...

Dog gone

China's million-dollar dog

A Tibetan Mastiff dog.

Sarah McInerney An 11-month-old Tibetan mastiff male puppy has gained the title of the 'world's most expensive dog' after being bought for $1.5 million in China.

Faking it

Rich pickings on a slim budget

Generic pic of man pouring champagne into a flute.

Stephen Lacey Champagne on a beer budget: how to fake a large six-figure-salary without maxing out your credit card.

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Tour drop

Economic downturn puts freeze on Antarctic tourism

Emperor penguins near the Dumont d Urville base, Antarctica.

The economic downturn has frozen enthusiasm to travel to the Antarctic, with tourism operators reporting a sharp downturn in bookings.

Architecture award winners

Freshwater House.

The winners of the 2009 Australian Institute of Architects state and territory architecture awards.