Polo In The City


Horsepower of a different variety is setting the social scene alight in the wake of the Spring Racing Carnival.


'City on a ship' plan refloated


Adam Taylor A floating city could yet sail the globe and let people spend their entire life at sea.


World's most complicated hand-made watch for sale

The 1925 Henry Graves Supercomplication pocketwatch.

Peter Farquar The hand-made 1925 pocketwatch features eye-popping technology.


Super-skyscrapers: luxury in the sky or slums of the future?

Robert Bevan Are super-skyscrapers the new wealth symbol, or the slums of the future?


Traditional triumphs at Geneva show

Lange & Sohne 1815 Tourbillon.

Bani McSpedden 'Smart' watches couldn't hold a candle to an outstanding crop of mechanical masterpieces.


The secret to selling cars to millionaires

David Morley Wealthy Middle Eastern buyers of luxury cars demand to be treated like kings.


For rent: top-notch luxury


Stephen Lacey Desperately want that Patek Philippe watch, Hermes handbag or Ferrari? Rent it.


Mini-Monaco on the high seas

Madeline Stone Can't get enough of swanky Monaco? A planned cruise ship means the city could come to you.

Louis Vuitton raid: three arrested after designer handbag heist

Louis Vuitton

Emma Partridge Three men are behind bars accused of smashing through the glass doors of Louis Vuitton's flagship store in Sydney's CBD during an attempted handbag heist.

Net worth

Bill Gates tops US rich list - again

Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder's wealth grows to $77 billion to top list for 20th consecutive time.


Meet the modern-day Jay Gatsby


Stephen Lacey Former broking whiz Peter Higgins now presides over Australia's premier polo club.


Heir style: the rich kids who have it all

Petra and Tamara Ecclestone.

Megan Willett Life is good if your parents are rich, but it's even sweeter if they pass on good genes, too.


Horses for a very different course


Rachelle Unreich Clamouring for glamour and pining for horsepower? Scratch that itch with Polo In The City.

Real estate

Paradise found in Singapore for Gina Rinehart?


Toby Johnstone Gina Rinehart and Nathan Tinkler put down roots, writes Toby Johnstone.

Property value

Rich parts of Sydney get richer

Kogarah residents Lachlan and Samantha with their eldest daughter Isobel and their youngest Isla. A recent study has shown that Kogarah is the highest middle income suburb of Sydney with more than the average amount of people living in apartments.

Catherine Armitage Census analysis of incomes has revealed that Sydney's wealth is concentrating in smaller areas while low income districts are expanding.

Urban jungle

When the sky is not the limit

Milan's Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest), designed by Boeri Studio.

Judy Barouch Is it possible to combine the convenience of apartment city-living with the benefits of a house in the 'burbs: greenery at your doorstep, a pool out the back?


Watch collector puts market gains to shame

Patek Philippe

Alfredo Paramico has a love for the finest time pieces.

Luxury yacht marina could gazump foreshore master plan

Artists impression of the proposed Superyacht Marina

Nicole Hasham A NEW luxury yacht destination for Chinese and Indian millionaires is being touted by the developers proposing an overhaul of a Sydney marina.


Caviar - from a vending machine

Red caviar on a wooden spoon on caviar background. Close-up.
Caviar; Fish Roe; Red Caviar; Salmon; Food; spoon; wooden; wooden spoon; Seafood; Egg; Prepared Fish; Meal; Healthy Eating; Appetizer; Gourmet; Ingredient; Red; Snack; nobody; no people; studio shot; horizontal; Close-up

Amy Silverstein in Los Angeles Why order fresh caviar from a nice restaurant when for the same amount of money you can eat caviar from a machine in a crowded mall?


Just cook, dive or drive it


Daisy Dumas, Steve Colquhoun What do you give to the person who has everything? Consider gifting a hands-on experience this Christmas.