Super-skyscrapers: luxury in the sky or slums of the future?

Robert Bevan Are super-skyscrapers the new wealth symbol, or the slums of the future?


Maserati prepares model avalanche


Steve Colquhoun The past is in the past as the 100-year-old Italian prepares an unprecedented model onslaught.


It's exploration, but on cruise control

Silver Discoverer

Steve Colquhoun A new expedition ship brings greater luxury to travellers to the remote Kimberely Coast.


Is this the best road trip ever?

Ferrari trip through Europe involving Australian Ferrari owners and organised by Tony Demarco. Picture: Patricia Demarco

Steve Colquhoun Tackling Europe's best roads, hotels and restaurants in your own Ferrari - does it get any better?

Super wealthy

Billionaires get richer, but not millionaires


Many millionaires got poorer in the last year, but billionaires did just fine, using their heavyweight money management teams to ride out market and economic turmoil that hit the lesser rich,...


Africa's untapped luxury potential

Hermes handbag

Tosin Sulaiman Africa has more millionaires than Russia, but for many wealthy Africans, shopping for designer handbags or luxury watches still means travelling to New York or Europe.


Zara founder joins ranks of the world's super rich

Chairman of Spanish global fashion giant Inditex, Amancio Ortega stands during a visit to an Inditex factory in Coruna, northern Spain in this file photo from December 2, 2008. Ortega leapt over Warren Buffett and France's Bernard Arnault to become the world's third richest person on Forbes' 2013 annual ranking of billionaires, with an estimated net worth of $57 billion. REUTERS/Miguel Vidal/Files (SPAIN - Tags: BUSINESS PROFILE HEADSHOT)

Steve Colquhoun A Spanish purveyor of cut-price women's high fashion was the surprise inclusion in the top three of Forbes magazine's annual rich list.

Business travel

Would you like Michelin stars with that?


Rachael Oakes-Ash Some of the world's most feted restaurants can be found without even leaving your hotel.

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Business Travel

Dare to stay different

Como Melbourne

Natasha Hughes Boutique hotels offer travellers a hip and sometimes quirky alternative to traditional five-star chains.

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Joining forces to woo the mega-rich

luxury network

Sylvia Pennington Alliance links luxury brands to help extract even more custom from well-heeled clients.

Fashion forward

Wallis Simpson bracelet sets $7.3m record

Wallis Simpson's bracelet.

A bracelet owned by Wallis Simpson, whose affair with Edward VIII led to his abdication, has sold for a world record $7.3 million at auction.

Network plans

You chose gold bar - please insert $11,350


BERLIN: Apart from the gold-plated exterior - and the fact that they are bulletproof - they seem much like any other vending machine.

Watch fair

Luxury from a bygone era


Simple elegance for debt-ridden Europe met glitzy gold for booming Asia at this year's watch fest.

Market crash

Curse of the skyscrapers

Shanghai World Financial Centre

An "unhealthy correlation" exists between the construction of skyscrapers and financial crashes, according to a new report from Barclays Capital.

New horizons

Lure of luxury keeps show afloat

boat show

In place of the absent superyachts are luxury cars, watches, a contemporary fine art gallery, jewelry and a home cinema.

Mover and shaker

The billionaire who lives out of a bag


Jeremy Kahn Nicolas Berggruen lives his life on the move, carrying only a small tote bag and his BlackBerry as he seeks out companies to buy from Berlin to Bangalore to Brisbane.

On show

The secret life of luxury


For the first time in its history, luxury conglomerate LVMH has provided a peek into its exclusive workshops, design showrooms and wine cellars - to reveal the hundreds of hands and delicate...

Well heeled

Number of Australian millionaires on the rise


Gareth Hutchens The number of Australians who can call themselves ''high net worth individuals'' swelled by nearly 20,000, according to the latest study of the world's wealthy.

Dog gone

China's million-dollar dog

A Tibetan Mastiff dog.

Sarah McInerney An 11-month-old Tibetan mastiff male puppy has gained the title of the 'world's most expensive dog' after being bought for $1.5 million in China.

Old world

A new vintage


Bessie Recep Antiques are finding a home among modern pieces as a fresh breed of buyers seek the best of both worlds.