Minneapolis man Paul White claims third of $US448m Powerball jackpot in US

A 45-year-old suburban Minneapolis man wasted little time on Thursday in claiming one-third of a $US448 million ($499 million) Powerball jackpot, coming forward only hours after realising he had won...

Net worth

Bill Gates tops US rich list - again

Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder's wealth grows to $77 billion to top list for 20th consecutive time.

New money

Britain has more self-made rich than US


Britain's billionaires are more likely than their US counterparts to have made their own money rather than inherited it, a study has found, challenging popular perceptions of greater social mobility...

Solomon Lew sued over US luxury yacht bump

The Age News Yacht Maridome. Pic from internet. 14th May 2012

Ben Butler Retail magnate embroiled in legal stoush with a fellow billionaire after their yachts collided.

Economic recovery

Number of US millionaires up 16 per cent in 2009

Dollar sign.

The number of millionaires in the US jumped by 16 per cent last year, a report shows.

Historic ring

32-carat diamond sells for $8.3m at US auction

Leonore Annenberg's diamond.

A square, 32.01-carat emerald-cut diamond that US billionaire philanthropist Leonore Annenberg bought for her 90th birthday has sold for $US7.7 million ($8.3 million) at auction in New York.


Ten top watches for under $2000

Scuderia watch.

Luc Wiesman Lowering your budget doesn't have to mean cashing in on style.


World's most complicated hand-made watch for sale

The 1925 Henry Graves Supercomplication pocketwatch.

Peter Farquar The hand-made 1925 pocketwatch features eye-popping technology.


Chinese tycoon invites 1000 impoverished Americans to have lunch with him in New York

Tom Phillips Billionaire invites 1000 poor Americans to lunch with him in New York's Central Park.


Can you have too much luxury?


Steve Colquhoun When does too much of a very good thing become bad? The internet is about to find out.


The little Aussie watchmaker that could

Bausele Sport Automatic watch

Steve Colquhoun A tiny Aussie watch design company with a Swiss heart is about to step into the big time.


The secret to selling cars to millionaires

David Morley Wealthy Middle Eastern buyers of luxury cars demand to be treated like kings.


For rent: top-notch luxury


Stephen Lacey Desperately want that Patek Philippe watch, Hermes handbag or Ferrari? Rent it.


Go-to guys of the rich and famous


Stephen Lacey When money is no object and you need something, these are the people you call.


Watchmaking a difference


Steve Colquhoun There may be much more to that luxury timepiece on your wrist than just a pretty face.


The ultimate Aussie golf trip?


Steve Colquhoun Stepping out of a plane and onto the first tee isn't a bad way to start a round.

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The land of the little white ball


Steve Colquhoun New Zealand's Queenstown adds top-notch golf to its long list of attractions for Australians.


The land of the little white golf ball

Steve Colquhoun New Zealand's Queenstown adds top-notch golf to its long list of attractions for Australians.


The world's most opulent Christmas gifts


Steve Colquhoun Ever gifted a suit of armour? A mini-submarine? What to give when expense is no object.


The world's most exclusive club


Steve Colquhoun Meet the group of 85 billionaires whose combined wealth exceeds Australia's GDP.

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