The seven deadly career sins

Sylvia Pennington Keep your career on the right track by avoiding these common pitfalls.


The seven deadly career sins


Sylvia Pennington Keep your career on the right track by avoiding these common pitfalls.

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In the spotlight

Reality TV: fame game or career crisis?


Amanda Bryan Is the reality TV phenomenon pushing teens to shun stable careers for the bright lights of fame?

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Work life

Is career success a name game?

Amanda Bryan Can a moniker makeover boost your success in the workplace?

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Mid-life career crisis


Leon Gettler Switching careers is hard enough, but how do you go about it when you are over 40?

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Structures and career paths shift

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Leon Gettler Expect the CCO to rub shoulders with the CEO and CFO when climate becomes king.


Blurred lines: why working through the weekend works

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Alexandra Tselios I don't switch off, and nor do I want to. Being flexible about work fits my busy life.

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Performance Matters

Making mindfulness work at work


Andrew May Everybody's talking about the benefits of being mindful, so how to build it into your day?

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Home help for time-poor high flyers

1950s housewife

Natasha Hughes Time-poor and domestically challenged, high flyers increasingly need help to run their lives.

Performance Matters

Sitting down on the job is slowly killing you


Andrew May Don't take obesity sitting down. Stand up for yourself and make a change.

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Why are you always five minutes late?

Josephine Fairley Many high-achieving professionals habitually run late for everything. Why?


Why your social media strategy is a bit like dating

Steve Colquhoun Woo them, but don't come on too strong nor play hard to get if you want to win hearts.

Performance Matters

Are you in the grip of hurry sickness?


Andrew May Addiction to speed doesn't help your productivity, and can even have dire health implications.

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Performance reviews: is it time to kill them?

Performance review

Sylvia Pennington For many they're on par with tooth extraction, but without the pain relief.

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Who will be the CEO in 2040?


Drake Baer Probably just entering the workforce now, they'll gather a striking array of skills.


How should you handle a narcissistic boss?


Jacquelyn Smith They're easy to spot, but difficult to work with. Seven tips to managing a fraught relationship.

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Expat postings: the road less travelled

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Sylvia Pennington Not everyone can score Paris or New York. How about somewhere more exotic?

Performance Matters

Build a better week for yourself

Andrew May Trapped in the daily grind? No time to spend with the family? You need to read this.

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Five business lies we all tell


Alexandra Tselios Sometimes it seems easier not to tell the truth but there are always consequences.


Why are women pushed off the glass cliff?


Sarah Kimmorley New research shows high-ranking women are fired more often than their male counterparts.