Performance Matters

You know you're middle-aged when ...

Andrew May At what age do you officially qualify, and what are the 10 signs to confirm it?


Offices that are just like home


Judy Barouch Your workplace could soon resemble your lounge room.

Social media ban on bosses in push to protect privacy

Facebook and smartphones
Photo MIchele MOssop
Friday 27th July 2012

Michaela Whitbourn Demanding access to job seekers' accounts would be banned under potential law changes.

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No access for bosses to Facebook under privacy law concerns


Michaela Whitbourn Bosses would be banned from demanding access to job seekers' Facebook pages and other social media accounts under potential changes to national privacy laws.


How to survive change and thrive


Sylvia Pennington Restructuring and job cuts are a fact of life, but you can survive change and even thrive.


When can I stop feeling like a fake?


Sylvia Pennington Do you go to work every day secretly waiting for someone to rumble you for the fraud that you feel like?

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Bad habits

Got an annoying colleague? Join the queue

Office gripes.

Belinda Williams Ever thought writers could create an episode (or season) of The Office based on your colleagues' annoying habits? You're not alone.

Speakign up

Zuckerberg sibling likes, likes, likes Melbourne

Randi Zuckerberg

Asher Moses As Facebook's stock price tanks the Zuckerberg family have found a lucrative new revenue stream on the speaking circuit - and their bandwagons are converging on Australia.

Gen Y avoids the trade route

Helen Smith

Benjamin Preiss Australia is losing out with a shortage of skilled workers and apprentices.

Desk injury

'Chair disease' outstrips workplace design

computer worker

Melissa Davey If you work in an office and spend hours in front of a computer, don't think your ergonomic chair, standing desk or good posture will save you from poor health.

Work life

Loyalty at work: look who's lost it


Glenda Kwek Is the notion of loyalty at work dying in the rush to casualise jobs?

Going solo

Minding their own business

On your bike!

Barbara Drury Increasing numbers of workers made redundant as they approach retirement are refusing to be discarded by going out on their own.


How to work with Gen Y

gen y

Kelly Gregorio Age and salary are far from the only differences between managers and their next-generation employees.

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You want me to do ... what?

Sunday. News.
Duntroon RMC Staff Cadet, Alex Reichstein, at the obstacle course at Duntroon. 
6 December 2012
Photo: Rohan Thomson. The Canberra Times.


Sylvia Pennington Corporate team-building activities can have the opposite effect if they're not carefully chosen.

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Performance matters

The pitfalls of perfection

Andrew May Expecting nothing less than perfection from yourself can be a debilitating disorder.

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Performance Matters

Hurry up and slow down


Andrew May Fast isn't always the best pace when it comes to looking after mind and body.


How to win a board position

Emily Chantiri It's the holy grail of corporate success, so how do you grab one of those coveted seats?

Work matters

Bullied at work - and it's not just the boss to blame

Workplace bullying.

Kelly Burke Bullying and discrimination are still rife in the workplace, with a national survey finding little improvement in the past three years.

Reality bites

Reality bites: Gen Y's tougher than you think

Gen Y

Joel Meares It's the spoilt, pampered generation that was to get its comeuppance in the GFC-induced gloom, much to the delight of its elders.

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Inside view

The iron lady


She's the richest Australian in history, and could well become the richest individual in the world, but have her billions made Gina Rinehart happy? Jane Cadzow talks to the mining magnate's friends,...