Expat postings: the road less travelled

Sylvia Pennington Not everyone can score Paris or New York. How about somewhere more exotic?

Performance Matters

Build a better week for yourself

Andrew May Trapped in the daily grind? No time to spend with the family? You need to read this.

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Are you sure you want to be the CEO?


Sylvia Pennington A deputy role can be more fulfilling and less stressful than running the show.


Anatomy of a catastrophe


Steve Colquhoun Ten lessons learned amid one of the world's worst natural disasters.

Performance Matters

Putting mindfulness over matter


Andrew May The benefits of switching off your brain are proven, so how do you fit it into your busy day?

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Performance Matters

Are you overwhelmed with work?


Andrew May Of course you are. Five strategies to turn around your productivity and regain focus.

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Amazon paying its staff to quit


Sylvia Pennington Amazon CEO uses instant payout gamble to test loyalty of employees.

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Performance Matters

Five habits of healthy people


Andrew May It sounds so simple in theory, but how many of these did you actually use in the past week?

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Performance Matters

Take a break and reap the rewards


Andrew May Brain and body alike deserve some downtime so you're ready to perform when you need to.

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How to survive change and thrive


Sylvia Pennington Restructuring and job cuts are a fact of life, but you can survive change and even thrive.

Performance Matters

Just be on time for the meeting, OK?


Andrew May An unexplained late arrival is disrespectful to colleagues and costs your company dearly.

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Bad habits

Got an annoying colleague? Join the queue

Office gripes.

Belinda Williams Ever thought writers could create an episode (or season) of The Office based on your colleagues' annoying habits? You're not alone.

Fit for business

'Sweatwork' your way to the top


Andrew May Swapping liquid lunches for Lycra is the latest networking craze to hit our shores.

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Gen Y avoids the trade route

Helen Smith

Benjamin Preiss Australia is losing out with a shortage of skilled workers and apprentices.

Office stress

Step off the 'burnout' express

Multitasking madness ... why workplace stress is killing is slowly.

Chronic stress is burning us out, but we can train our brains to reach peak performance without the overkill.

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Stress relief

Going to extremes


Andrew May What do racing-car drivers, snowboarders, rock climbers and other extreme sportspeople know about stress that we don't?

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Email society

Work-life balance a growing struggle

Liz Marchant.

We can email, text, Facebook and tweet anywhere, any time. But have smartphones and tablets made it easier to juggle work with the rest of life?

Going solo

Minding their own business

On your bike!

Barbara Drury Increasing numbers of workers made redundant as they approach retirement are refusing to be discarded by going out on their own.

Train smarter

Fitness: when less is more

push uyp

Andrew May Can small but frequent doses of fitness training give you more benefit than hours and hours of training?

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Ignoring the inbox - a new morning mantra


Eli Greenblat A 'mindfulness' guru says emailing is the worst way to start your day.