Audi coupe stars at Frankfurt


Matt Campbell High-riding, 405kW diesel supercar shows how next R8 might look.


BMW's M3 coupe is dead; here comes the M4


Greg Kable Performance package points to styling of M3 coupe's successor.


Rolling with the new Wraith coupe

Potent performance in a high-tech limousine body shapes a performance sedan like no other.

Tony Davis For $645,000 you get V12 pace, Rolls-Royce luxury and a gearbox that changes gears by satellite.


Rolls-Royce flags new coupe

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Greg Kable Coupe version of Ghost named Wraith set for Geneva reveal.

BMW 135i Sport Coupe

BMW 135i Coupe             Caption: BMW 135i  Coupe. Picture supplied.BMW 135i Coupe             Caption: BMW 135i  Coupe. Picture supplied.

Cameron McGavin, Minor interior quibbles aside, this pocket rocket is a little ripper, says Cameron McGavin.


No Benz ahead for Mercedes' newest sports car

Greg Kable Company founder's name controversially dropped in favour of performance arm AMG.


When supercars turn tacky

Stephen Ottley Owning a Ferrari should be a golden experience - but surely not like this.


Fake it to make it more faux luxurious

Andrew Maclean Saving money and weight without sacrificing prestige feel is the name of this game.


Everyone wants a little luxury

little luxuries

Andrew Maclean Small prestige cars aren't new but they're more popular than ever.


A Volvo wagon, but not as we know it

Stephen Ottley Estate concept to be unveiled next week previews new design direction.


The cheapest Porsche in 30 years

Jonathan Hawley At $122,900, the Macan SUV is the cheapest way into the storied sports car maker.

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Luxury cars coming our way

Andrew MacLean and David McCowen There is plenty to look forward to at the top end of the motor market in a bumper 2014.


The supercar with diamond-encrusted headlights

Lykan Hypersport.

Alex Davies It also features seats stitched with gold, holographic displays and a price tag of $3.6 million.


The stunning Mercedes you'll never buy

AMG Vision GT

Greg Kable German maker's jaw-dropping supercar was created solely for Playstation Gran Turismo 6.


Faster, lighter and even more Speciale

Jonathan Hawley For when the "standard" Ferrari 458 coupe just isn't enough quick or expensive enough.


Audi shrinks the SUV - again

Audi Q2

Greg Kable Prestige German brand joins growing league of city-based off roaders with tiny Q1.


Convertible sales fail to raise the roof

Porsche Boxster

Matt Campbell Numbers of top-down tourers aren't following the script for such a sunburnt country.


Bentley SUV will be true to brand

Bentley SUV confirmed for 2016

Peter McKay British brand says its uber-luxury 4X4 will carry the sporting signatures it is renowned for.


Ten second-hand cars that ooze cool

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

Luc Wiesman Why dump a lump of cash on a new car, when you can spend far less on one that's cooler?


Is this the future of motor shows?

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Glenn Butler Does the success of the Goodwood Festival show where motor shows are going wrong?

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