New look

Mazda upgrades MX-5

Stephen Ottley No more power but updated sports car gets aggressive to combat new rivals.


Fake it to make it more faux luxurious

Andrew Maclean Saving money and weight without sacrificing prestige feel is the name of this game.


Convertible sales fail to raise the roof

Porsche Boxster

Matt Campbell Numbers of top-down tourers aren't following the script for such a sunburnt country.


Benz plans baby boom

Mercedes is considering adding a compact SUV based on the A-Class underpinnings that could look something like this. Illustration: Automedia

Andrew Maclean Small cars are set to be big business for Mercedes-Benz.


The fast and the spurious


David McCowen Australians' love affair with high performance continues apace, even if they can't use it.

Diesel power

Mercedes wins Car of the Year

Winners List

Stephen Ottley If you think diesel is only for truckies, think again. A diesel-powered car has won Drive’s Car of the Year award for the first time.

Used luxury car or mainstream new car?

Used luxury cars

David Morley Compare second-hand luxury vehicles with that new-car smell to see where the better value lies.

Driving tips

On the road with car racing pros

MP4-12C McLaren road car.

Hannah Elliott, What separates the speedy from the streetwise?

Holden Colorado steps in for Rodeo


Toby Hagon, It may look almost the same but the new Holden Colorado represents a fresh start for Holden.

New car comparison


Bruce Newton, Drive, The Age Not all sports cars will burn a hole in your wallet, as these three examples show.

BMW 135i Sport Coupe

BMW 135i Coupe             Caption: BMW 135i  Coupe. Picture supplied.BMW 135i Coupe             Caption: BMW 135i  Coupe. Picture supplied.

Cameron McGavin, Minor interior quibbles aside, this pocket rocket is a little ripper, says Cameron McGavin.