Porsche Macan mixes agility with utility

Steve Colquhoun Sports car maker's belated entry to compact SUV market is practically perfect.


The cheapest Porsche in 30 years

Jonathan Hawley At $122,900, the Macan SUV is the cheapest way into the storied sports car maker.

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Bentley GT v Porsche SUV: which is faster?

At the drag strip

Andrew Maclean An odd matching of premium heavyweights produces a tight tussle at the dragstrip.


Porsche goes retro with 911 Targa

Greg Kable German sports specialist's nod to 1965 styling set to go on sale here in May.


Porsche unveils mini SUV

Porche Macan

Greg Kable German sports car maker takes its second step into SUV territory with smaller Macan.

Car theft

Rare Porsche stolen as couple sleep

Stephanie Gardiner A Sydney couple has woken up to find their silver Porsche missing after thieves broke into their home, stole the keys and drove away in the rare car, which is worth more than a quarter of a million...


Porsche's new Cayman

Porsche Cayman Teaser

Greg Kable Bigger but lighter, with more performance but better efficiency.


Unmasked: Porsche’s baby SUV

Porsche Macan

Richard Blackburn Spy cameras have snapped the German maker’s all-new softroader undisguised.

Speed test

Porsche 918 Spyder takes shape

Porsche 918 Spyder

Richard Blackburn Car maker's fastest-ever model begins final prototype testing.

Luxury car

Porsche's Spyder could become its costliest car


With a return in demand for luxury cars, Porsche may make its costliest car yet.

Porsche rejects VW merger offer

Porsche, the heavily indebted maker of German luxury sports cars, has rejected a merger offer by Volkswagen, Europe's biggest car maker.

Germany has stopped looking at Porsche aid request: ministry

The German government says it has stopped examining a request for public aid by luxury sports car maker Porsche, which insisted talks were still being pursued.

BMW targets Porsche 911 drivers


Jez Spinks, drive.com.au BMW is aiming to lure sports car drivers into their traditional on-road nemesis, the 4WD, with its new X6 coupe.


Luxury car buyers win in tax changes

David McCowen Dozens of luxury cars have been discounted after a tax change.

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Can Jaguar's E-Type ever be topped?

Jaguar F-Type (left) and Jaguar E-Type.

Steve Colquhoun The new F-Type is a stunningly capable sports car - but is it better than its curvy predecessor?


Behind the wheel of the sportiest Rangie

Range Rover Sport

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Toby Hagon Twists and turns, rough stuff no match for Range Rover's latest.


When supercars turn tacky

Stephen Ottley Owning a Ferrari should be a golden experience - but surely not like this.


No Benz ahead for Mercedes' newest sports car

Greg Kable Company founder's name controversially dropped in favour of performance arm AMG.


The greatest car show on earth


Nick Hall If you haven't heard of Top Marques Monaco, it's probably because you're just not rich enough.


Everyone wants a little luxury

little luxuries

Andrew Maclean Small prestige cars aren't new but they're more popular than ever.