Subaru halts turbo sales


Barry Park Subaru Australia has stopped shipment of cars fitted with the company's 2.5-litre turbo engine.


Mercedes changes the hot hatch hgame


Andrew Maclean First hot hatch from Benz's performance brand, AMG, rewrites the rules.


Mercedes changes the hot hatch game

Andrew Maclean First hot hatch from Benz's performance brand, AMG, rewrites the rules.

New look

Mazda upgrades MX-5

Mazda MX-5.

Stephen Ottley No more power but updated sports car gets aggressive to combat new rivals.

Record sales

Boomtime for sports cars

EMBARGOED 2012 Jaguar F-Type  Paris Motor Show

Toby Hagon and Richard Blackburn The next breed of fuel efficient sports cars is set to capitalise on record sales of cars designed more for fun than practicality.


The fast and the spurious


David McCowen Australians' love affair with high performance continues apace, even if they can't use it.

Luxury cars

The fast and the furious


Stephen Lacey Which luxury car drivers are the worst on the road? Stephen Lacey asked the experts.

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Fast wheels

BMW, Toyota to co-develop sports car

Toyota Supra illustration

Greg Kable German and Japanese giants announce a partnership to build a new sports car that could revive the Celica or Supra.

Not-so-new Mercedes


Richard Blackburn, Mercedes-Benz is hoping an attractive price will make up for dated technology in its CLC coupe.

Peugeot targets softroaders


Joshua Gliddon and Jez Spinks, Wagon offers practicality and seating to beat most compact 4WDs, but a key safety feature has been left out.

Vitara shows its soft side


Jonathan Hawley, It's still tough and capable off-road, but Suzuki realises its compact 4WD needs to be town friendly.

Impreza sedan finally arrives


Steve Colquhoun Subaru has added a sedan version of the Impreza hatch to target the booming small car market.