Someone paid $3.2m for this truck


Stephen Ottley A 1960s-era motor racing transporter has sparked a bizarre bidding war.

Electric newcomer exposes luxury car pricing

David McCowen Unlike luxury rivals, Tesla electric sports car to be offered at close to US pricing.

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007 motors

Top 10 James Bond cars


Stephen Ottley The British spy turns 50 this week and in that time he’s managed to drive quite a collection of cars, we rate his best.


Driving Bond's Aston Martin

James Bond

Ben Collins The man previously known as the Stig test-drives the most famous car in movie history.


Sydney supercars on show

Ferrari F40

David McCowen Exotic cars draw thousands on Australia Day.

King of the road

A fling with a Ferrari

Ferrari 458 Italia

Jason H Harper I've always wondered what it'd be like to own a Ferrari. Over four days and three nights, I found out.

Caught out

Thieves foiled after luxury car shuts down


Thieves who broke into an eastern Sydney home and stole a luxury car were foiled when its tracking device was turned on, stalling the engine.

Computer-driven vehicles give new meaning to crash

Toby Hagon Modern cars rely on electronics for almost every facet of their operation, so gone are the days of having a tinker yourself.

Rolls Royce

Rich and famous in a spin


Joshua Dowling Some of Australia's richest and most influential people are about to get an unwelcome letter in the mail - as Rolls-Royce embarks on a major recall.

Rare $7m Aston Martin One-77 crashed


Matt Campbell One of just 77 supercars built by British brand wrecked in Hong Kong.

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Holden Colorado steps in for Rodeo


Toby Hagon, It may look almost the same but the new Holden Colorado represents a fresh start for Holden.

Vitara shows its soft side


Jonathan Hawley, It's still tough and capable off-road, but Suzuki realises its compact 4WD needs to be town friendly.