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Is it OK for men to have 'work' done?

Richard Hughes What's accepted for women remains a touchy subject for blokes. Why?

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Improving your outlook

Richard Hughes It's tough enough just surviving cancer without watching its effects in the mirror, too.

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Staying on the cutting edge


Richard Hughes New trends mean there's always something to learn about looking sharp.

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A boy's best friend

holding hands

Richard Hughes Most of us have our mothers to thank for the men we are.

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The trouble with stubble


Richard Hughes Is the unshaven-at-the-office look OK as the festive season descends? Or does it depend on what sort of work you do?

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Most cats prefer whiskers


Richard Hughes So many men seem to be going the beard-plus-piercing route that it's tempting to join them.

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Hair loss

Bald and the beautiful


Richard Hughes There are potions galore on the market - but If there was a simple cure for baldness, would you use it?

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Hats: the way to do it


Richard Hughes Getting a hat is one thing - but do you know what to do with it?

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Pack your bags


Richard Hughes Nobody wants to look old before they need to - not in these ageist days, with ‘'rationalisations’’ at work becoming increasingly common.

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