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Stitched Up

Stitched Up

Has vintage shopping become old hat?

Benjamen Judd Sure, there's great retro style on offer, but $80 for a t-shirt? That's a bit rich.

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No Bugsy Malone clones at the track, please


Benjamen Judd The 1920s gangster look isn't, and never has been, a good look for the track.

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You can leave your hat off


Benjamen Judd Symbol of suaveness, or bogan accessory? Hats are many things to many people.

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A bow of contention

bow tie

Benjamen Judd Is the bow tie a serious fashion accessory or an invitation to be the butt of penguin jokes?

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Finding your style


Luke Malone When it comes to developing your own sense of style, inspiration can be found in the most unusual places.

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First impressionism


Luke Malone How you dress on the first date can dictate whether there’ll be a second.

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