What are you going to buy your Valentine?


Stephen Lacey The time for procrastination is over. Get out there and buy her something special.


Get in early for Valentine's victory


Stephen Lacey The only bad Valentine's gift is the one into which you don't put enough thought.


Five work-approved sneakers for men


Luc Wiesman Casual days at the office don't need to be a holiday from looking good with these stylish options.

Geek revolution

Sex on the brain


Jonathan Swan John Wilkes was known as the ugliest man in England. The 18th-century politician was cross-eyed, with a sloped forehead, droopy jaw and mangled teeth.

Man of style

Jolly Roger

Roger Federer.

Nik Howe, Sport & Style He has an elaborate Nike wardrobe and is part of US Vogue editor Anna Wintour's inner circle. There's no doubting Roger Federer has undergone not only a tennis journey but a sartorial one as well.