Marc Jacobs


Meet HENRY, fashion's next target

Matthew Schneier Are you a High Earner, Not Rich Yet? Top fashion houses would love to meet you.


Who is the world's best-dressed man?


Megan Willett Vanity Fair magazine installs Justin Timberlake as the most stylish man in the world this year.

Man style

The clothes that make the man


Luke Malone Mantyhose, male skirts, sarongs ... how clothing is blurring the gender order.

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Geek style

Zuckerberg inspires anti-fashion movement

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and chief executive officer of Facebook

Zuckerberg's famously anti-fashion styling has come to symbolise success for a new generation of would-be billionaires.

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Transcending gender

Dress model isn't a she, it's a he

Andrej Pejic

Fashion's latest darling 19-year-old model, Andrej Pejic, has been causing a stir modelling womenswear for the Paris couture shows.

Wonder woman


Celia Walden Dita Von Teese hasn't just put her face to the collection of underwear sets - she designed it, too.