Man Scape

If you can't stand the heat . . .


Richard Hughes Dealing with sweat is part of any Aussie summer, but there are options for the chronically affected.

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Man Scape

Pride and groom


Richard Hughes What might you change about yourself for a partner? And how long before you revert to old ways?

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Dirty weekend


Richard Hughes How long can you go without a shave, a shower and a clean, pressed shirt?

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Forces of attraction

'Neat and tidy' trumps bulging six pack


Amanda Bryan Attending to errant eyebrow hairs and grubby nails may do you more favours than pumping iron.

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An essential guide to grooming


Are your grooming habits clocking-up extra miles? If your bathroom cabinet is home to a bar of soap, hair wax or spray-on shaving cream, then you need to read this.


The no-sweat patches shirt

Man running.

Patrick Barkham Can the FreshMax shirt's textile technology really disguise embarrassing sweatiness? Even after a run?

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Smell great

Scent of a man


Splashing on some nice cologne is well received by the opposite sex - and they can help you stay fresh when things heat-up.

The chin and I


Richard Hughes At last, the truth about foam-in-a-can and five-bladed razors.

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Desk to dinner

Tips for looking great after work


Natasha Hughes Disregard anything you have read about metrosexuals and their ways. You don't need heavy-duty hair product, skin concealers, nor even a mirror when leaving work for a more convivial setting.

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