What are you going to buy your Valentine?


Stephen Lacey The time for procrastination is over. Get out there and buy her something special.


Why do architects wear black?

Koichi Takada.

Samantha Hutchinson Koichi Takada says wearing dark colours enables him to see colours more clearly.


Australia's best suit shops


Luc Wiesman There are many places for men to get well suited. Here are 15 of the best.

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What jewellery should a man wear?


Benjamen Judd One ring might rule them all, but what else can you add to your ensemble?

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Get in early for Valentine's victory


Stephen Lacey The only bad Valentine's gift is the one into which you don't put enough thought.

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Summer style's a shoe-in

Kentucky Derby by Wootten.

Benjamen Judd Looking good and staying comfortable during the warmer months - without resorting to thongs.

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A bow of contention

bow tie

Benjamen Judd Is the bow tie a serious fashion accessory or an invitation to be the butt of penguin jokes?

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Ten blazers for work and play

Benetton Blazer

Luc Wiesman There's a blazer for every occasion. Here's 10 favourites.

An essential guide to grooming


Are your grooming habits clocking-up extra miles? If your bathroom cabinet is home to a bar of soap, hair wax or spray-on shaving cream, then you need to read this.

Smart suits

Men dressing badly

bow tie

Rick Molinsky Making do with what you find in your wardrobe isn't always guaranteed to make best impression at formal events.

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Double denim and other trends making a comeback

Bassike design.

James Cameron Double denim, corduroy, a charcoal jacket with black trousers, knitted ties and chambre shirts. What is this 1971?

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Soap free

Scrubbing up

Washing face

A bar of soap can make your face feel great but your skin won't thank you because it strips away the natural protective oils that keep your skin in good condition.

The chin and I


Richard Hughes At last, the truth about foam-in-a-can and five-bladed razors.

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Postcards from the edgy

Tragic Hipster

Sacha Molitorisz Hipsters prefer the road less travelled and now they have their own guide books to show them the way.

Winter 2012

Style on the snow


Rachael Oakes-Ash Gone are the days of big, bulky, over padded Michelin-man style ski wear and low hanging pants for snowboarders.

Short shorts

Men take on the mini

Thierry Mugler

Skimpy shorts are on show at men's fashion week. But, do they have legs in real life?

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Knot choice all tied up

Country Road suit and tie.

James Cameron There are lots of different ways to tie a knot, just as there are many misconceptions about which knots are best.

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Fashion victim

My week in catwalk clothes

Tim Elliott.

Tim Elliott Risking insult and injury, Tim Elliott dives headlong into the world of men's fashion.

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Get smart

Casual Friday dress tips from the experts

Premonition Designs.

Sarah McInerney The casual Friday dress code offers a chance to dress for comfort in the office - within limits, writes Sarah McInerney.

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Fashion icon

Milestone anniversary for Dr Martens

Dr Martens shoes.

ELODIE MAZEIN What do British 1980s groups Madness and The Cure have in common with current teen heart-throb actor Robert Pattinson, Pope John Paul II and the Dalai Lama?

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