The unique ways of clothing giant Uniqlo

Mark Hawthorne Japanese retailer arrives in Melbourne with a unique service mantra.


Five pre-spring rituals for men

Audric Cheah It's a time of rejuvenation and neither your appearance nor your wardrobe should miss out.

Well heeled

Style from the ground up

Aquila dress shoes.

Natasha Hughes Some think a man's shoes 'say everything about his self esteem and his personality', so what do your shoes say about you?


Curls: shabby or sexy?

Virgin Group head Branson speaks during a news conference to launch the new multimedia magazine

Natasha Hughes Experts say tousled locks and suits don't mix. Are curly men simply too edgy for the corporate world?

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Man Scape

Staying on the cutting edge


Richard Hughes New trends mean there's always something to learn about looking sharp.

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American style

The importance of being preppy


By Hadley Freeman On the eve of New York fashion week, Tommy Hilfiger explains the enduring appeal of the "preppy" look, which has made him a very rich man.

A sporting chance of style


James Cameron When winning is everything, how about a great sporting uniform to the ball rolling?

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Hands-on help


Richard Hughes Do you enjoy a good massage or does the whole thing rub you up the wrong way?

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Black and Tan

Nike apologises over 'insensitive' Black and Tan sneakers


Rosa Prince in New York Nike, the sportswear company, has apologised after issuing a St Patrick's Day-themed training shoe which raised memories of a British paramilitary unit notorious for terrorising Irish Roman Catholics...

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Best dressed

Looks count, on reflection

Gail Holmes with Image Consultant Chris Rewell

Samantha Selinger-Morris Cicero, the Roman philosopher, might have thought the eyes were the window to the soul but then he never met Ashleigh Sharman.

A cut above

cut above

Richard Hughes It is only hair. It grows back, so does it matter where we get it cut?

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Powder room


It's time to face up to the big cover-up, says Natasha Hughes.

Too fat for Paris


Peter Munro Now the male models are losing weight to achieve the new boy body ideal: skinny, pale, feminine. Peter Munro reports.

Among the frocks, a fresh start

l-r Mariana Hardwick, Thanh Thi Tran, Ghi Quang Le and Karen Leonard. Wedding dress and couture designer Mariana Hardwick is collaborating with the Lifestart Foundation -- a non-profit charity founded by Melburnian Karen Leonard to help orphans, street kids and families in Vietnam to become self-sufficient -- by training two young people  Thanh and Ghi  from underprivileged backgrounds in Vietnam for 12 months. BrunswickThursday 17 July 2008Age Metro  pic.Rodger Cummins rcz080717.003.002 SPECIAL

Liz Cincotta Mariana Hardwick has a new cause, working with Vietnamese people to give them a brighter future.