The unique ways of clothing giant Uniqlo

Mark Hawthorne Japanese retailer arrives in Melbourne with a unique service mantra.

Man Scape

Improving your outlook

Richard Hughes It's tough enough just surviving cancer without watching its effects in the mirror, too.

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Five pre-spring rituals for men

Audric Cheah It's a time of rejuvenation and neither your appearance nor your wardrobe should miss out.

Stitched Up

Why thongs are wrong


Benjamen Judd They have their uses, but going out for a meal should definitely not be one of them.

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Why won't men use sunscreen?


Richard Hughes It can save your life and help you look younger. What more motivation do you need?

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Staying on the cutting edge


Richard Hughes New trends mean there's always something to learn about looking sharp.

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Smarten up

Clothes make the man/woman (smarter)

Scientist, laboratory, lab, medicine, experiment, science, research.

What you wear can improve your intellectual performance, study finds.

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Well heeled

Style from the ground up

Aquila dress shoes.

Natasha Hughes Some think a man's shoes 'say everything about his self esteem and his personality', so what do your shoes say about you?

Hair loss

Bald and the beautiful


Richard Hughes There are potions galore on the market - but If there was a simple cure for baldness, would you use it?

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Curls: shabby or sexy?

Virgin Group head Branson speaks during a news conference to launch the new multimedia magazine

Natasha Hughes Experts say tousled locks and suits don't mix. Are curly men simply too edgy for the corporate world?

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Dogged approach to men's skincare


Steve Colquhoun British upstart Bulldog chooses the high road to pick a fight with cosmetic giants.

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Rockin' Rod's still having more fun

Rod Stewart

Richard Hughes Rod Stewart has had essentially the same blond bouffant for 45 years. How has he kept it up for so long?

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More style than substance


Richard Hughes You might think hair styling is small potatoes in economic terms. But it more than pulls its weight.

Smooth finish

Men's skin needs care too


How many different products does a man really need - aren't soap and water enough?

A cut above

cut above

Richard Hughes It is only hair. It grows back, so does it matter where we get it cut?

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Boss style

Dress like you mean business

Pinstripe blouse, shirt, pinstripes, office wear, suit, cufflinks, collar, cuffs, executive, manager, businesswoman.

Don't wear your shirt collar over your jacket If you want to be taken seriously.

Facial fuzz

Things get hairy in question time: Gillard goes for the beard


Prime Minister Julia Gillard has used parliamentary question time to express her disapproval at two men who grew beards over the long summer break.

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Cheap and chic: money can't buy class


Luke Malone A guy’s guide to dressing dapper on a limited budget.

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Slimmed down

'Thin and ladylike': slimmed down Warney's glistening new look

Shane Warne

Shane Warne is again hitting the headlines, as the Aussie spin king sheds weight and uses face creams to achieve a glistening new look that has seen him described as a waxwork.

Hair on top

The bald truth is not so bad

James Nesbitt

Richard Gray Baldness is no longer a life sentence as new surgical techniques return natural hair growth to barren scalps.

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