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Take some time to ask someone if they're OK

Deb Kennedy I've never liked what I call Hallmark days - those days we're forced in to buying a card or a present for someone, just because the calendar says it's time to show them some non spontaneous affection.

Buying Elvis' undies - a step too far?

Elvis Presley

Deb Kennedy How much is too much when it comes to collecting?

Harry the hoot follows a long family tradition

prince Harry

Deborah Kennedy I tell you what, if I was a royal, with a penchant for parties, I'd ban anyone with a camera from joining any private social gathering I ever got involved in.

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Just a little can help a lot

Deb Kennedy, donation

Deborah Kennedy A friend of mine has the idea that if every Australian taxpayer was asked to donate two dollars a week to a fund set up solely for charity it would go a long way towards eradicating poverty.

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Curls cost – but they’re worth it (I think!)

Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy Curly-haired people, this one's for you but straight-haired people you can read it - just to feel happy about how much money you're saving.

Lines on media grief intrusion need to be set

Heath Ledger death

Deborah Kennedy In my days as a print journalist, it was known as "the death knock"; that awful intrusion reporters were asked to make into the lives of the grieving, to discuss their dead.

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It’s the qualification that counts, not the quantity

Deborah Kennedy, Leisel Jones.

Deborah Kennedy Sorry sport fans but I'm just not interested in the Olympics. I wish I could pretend to be even the tiniest bit enthused, but I'm not.

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Will culling sharks cull their instincts?

Deb Kennedy, sharks

Deborah Kennedy It's the inevitable conversation that comes up when you're sitting on a deserted beach at an excellent break that only the keenest surfers know about.

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Perth can't be choosy about its beggars


Deborah Kennedy Well, just back from three weeks under the raging Tuscan sun – pushing 40 degrees most days – and so much to write about.

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Did any of us stop to ask why?

Deborah Kennedy It's a crying shame that the Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton we see now wasn't around in 1980.

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Old diamonds stole the show

Deborah Kennedy A friend of mine says you know you're getting old when you start to find Sir Tom Jones attractive.

Boh! Weren't ad writers invited to the noun party?

Deborah Kennedy, hey

DeborahKennedy Boh! What about the ears!

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How do we define reasonable doubt?

Reasonable doubt

Deborah Kennedy How do we define reasonable doubt?

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Welding young crims to a future

Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy Like so many people, I'm often unaware of some of the great community programs underway around WA and tend to listen with one ear to news about them.

Life's lottery is the one worth winning

Deb Kennedy lotto balls

Deborah Kennedy I'd been waiting yesterday morning for my friend Jen to ring with the results of a fairly significant medical test, so when the phone rang I was primed.

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Think before you shoot

shotgun, generic

Deborah Kennedy It's very difficult to write about animal welfare issues when there's so much human suffering and injustice in our own state and around the world, but here goes.

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Déjà vu as pollies move to counter ideas

Deborah Kennedy, waterfront

Deborah Kennedy Well, the first sod has been turned on the Perth waterfront development.

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Give us a break on parking

Car park space

Deborah Kennedy Come on local governments, give us a break. Ease up on the parking fees.

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Boy-band phenomenon never changes – thank goodness

Deborah Kennedy, One Direction fans

Deborah Kennedy Simon Cowell, you really are good. A band that doesn’t scare parents. Genius.

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They shaped the Hopman Cup

Paul McNamee

Deborah Kennedy Hopman Cup just won’t be the same without Mum and Dad.

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