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Anna Patty

Is Australia on the right path to education reform?

Anna Patty What do the school systems in Finland and Korea have in common? They lead the developed world in numeracy, literacy and science. They don't have standardised testing for students until year 12, they .

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First head rolls in NSW public service. It's an education

Anna Patty New South Wales' incoming Liberal government has decided to replace the state's director-general for education.

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Will election policies improve education in NSW?

Anna Patty The former head of the selective schools unit, Bob Wingrave, has warned there is a danger of diluting the effectiveness of the selective schools model if the state government continued to increase ...

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Anna Patty

School principals feel betrayed

Anna Patty Before school principals went to war with the Education Department in a dispute over NAPLAN testing last year, the department was working hard to forge a closer relationship with them. It had ...

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Schools funding slanging match

Anna Patty A slanging match has broken out between private and public school lobby groups over the fairness of schools funding.The Association of Independent Schools NSW has compared funding levels ...

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Are schools for children with disabilities fair game in schools funding row ?


Anna Patty The private school lobby has been criticised within its own ranks and by the NSW Opposition for its decision to use public schools for disadvantaged, emotionally disturbed and refugee children as ...

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Should schools open 24 hours or share their sports grounds ?

Anna Patty Should schools be open to their communities 24 hours a day?

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Anna Patty

Should schools be given greater control over school bank accounts?

Anna Patty The Coalition wants to give school principals

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Do we have fairness in funding for Australian schools?

Anna Patty Do we have equity when it comes to how much is invested in each student in Australian schools?

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Should school uniforms be compulsory in summer?

Anna Patty Not only are kids sweltering in hot classrooms without air-conditioning - their ...

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Should Italian and Chinese lead the new curriculum?

Inside the classroom

Anna Patty Should all students have to study a second language before year 7 as ...

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Anna Patty

Are university students picking prestige courses over a more suitable career?

Anna Patty   Should the prestige associated with a university ...

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Do single-sex schools provide a positive social experience ?

Anna Patty The idea of a school banning a gay student from taking a same-sex partner to a school formal raises interesting questions about the social role of single-sex schools.

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Claytons national curriculum

Anna Patty Is the Gillard government delivering a real national curriculum?

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The Board of Studies and its glass jaw

Anna Patty The NSW Board of Studies risks becoming a law unto itself.

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HSC exam-gate

Anna Patty Did you spot the blooper in Friday’s HSC paper?

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Sharpening young minds by narrowing them?

Anna Patty The overcrowded national curriculum has left nothing out to keep the politicians happy.

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Shakespeare versus text messages and Facebook; are students the losers?

Anna Patty As parents struggle to wrench their children away from social networking sites, the new national curriculum will encourage them to spend even more time looking at Facebook and text messages.

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Is Gordon Gekko or Odysseus a better role model for your child?

Anna Patty Is Gordon Gekko or Odysseus a better role model for your child?

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Is the HSC creating a generation of "wusses"?

Anna Patty Resilience is lacking in many HSC students

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