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Reflecting on the election; a few numbers

Marc Moncrief 303: You probably know this one: the number of electoral votes won by Obama, not counting the state of Florida, where counting of ballots was still taking place as this post was ...

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Polling day in the USA

Marc Moncrief Today, keep your eye on our colleague Katharine Murphy at The ...

Census, take two, and OKFN Au

Marc Moncrief The second tranche of the 2011 census came through yesterday, and once again we could not get enough.

Ask a simple question about babies...


Peter Martin What do the birth statistics tell us about the baby bonus?

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The dope on doping

Marc Moncrief So, how bad is it? Not Lance Armstrong, but doping in general?

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Marc Moncrief Have the kickers of the AFL really gone all crooked? Or are we all just spoiled for quality?

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Of Androids and botnets

Marc Moncrief Imagine millions and millions of computers, all over the world, pointing at you and spamming their little whirring hearts out.

The crime map of Victoria

Victoria crime rate hits highest level (Thumbnail)

Marc Moncrief The state of Victoria released new annual crime statistics on Monday, showing the first increase in the state's crime rate in more than 10 years.

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A two-speed climate

Marc Moncrief Spring is set, which means the end of the long wet and the coming of the dangerous season.

The Climate Commission's world tour

Marc Moncrief There was a bit of a blue in India over the weekend regarding that country's climate change policy.

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Boardroom tables

Marc Moncrief On the weekend, we had a some coverage surrounding a bit of analysis we did around company directors. The premise of the story was, in essence, that power is money.

A tangled business

Marc Moncrief It's profit reporting season for corporate Australia, and so it seems a good time to have a look at company boards.

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The medals map


Marc Moncrief Where did the medals go? Keep track with our interactive map.

The price of glory

Marc Moncrief We at the Crunch have mostly left the Olympics alone all through the season, not because we don't love it, but because there has been so much coverage around that we've preferred to be a respite from...

A BIG Australia

Marc Moncrief Remember all that debate a few years ago about a big Australia? It turns out that, with or without all the political bickering, Australia was getting bigger all on its own. That is, Australians were .

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Mind the gap

Marc Moncrief A closer look at what the Census tells us about indigenous people.

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Oops of the app; ABS' census slip-up

Craig Butt ABS uses old census data, forced to pull its iPhone app the day after launch.

A sensitive subject not helped by the stats

Marc Moncrief Suicide experts are worried that a release of data yesterday could mislead the public and policymakers in a case that goes directly to the way data is collected and presented.

The global spam map

Marc Moncrief A tiny portion of the world's spam comes from Australia