The Tiger Of Happiness

Oh, for the Howard years

Derek Rielly There's a meme kicking around Facebook at the moment with John Howard toasting an unseen crowd and the line, "How's that 'change' you all wanted working out for you?"

Five women it's still OK to hate

From beauty queens to women drivers, these are the five types of women society likes to hate.

Derek Rielly Pat yourself on the back, pal. You live in an inclusive, secular, western democracy oh-so-many miles from the likes of Saudi Arabia, frenzied rape gangs in India and the trigger-happy Taliban.

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Instagram: heroin for the under-30s

Derek Instagram thumbnail

Derek Rielly There are two things every human being considers their birth right: they deserve to be famous and, deep down, they believe they are glorious, innovative, ingenious, marvellous and peerless ...

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Our wasted intellectuals


Derek Rielly Can you remember the long hours studying for your TEE or HSC? All those sun-soaked afternoons missed; all those gals (or boys) never kissed; all that travel never experienced.

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Dear son(s), this is how politics works

Derek Rielly

Derek Rielly Before long, perhaps in the six weeks before the September federal election when all television is awash with important messages to Australian working families, I'll have to explain the difference ...

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The Hulk within: my uncontrollable temper

Derek's anger blog

Derek Rielly Careful he might hear you.

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Why we need Apple

Derek Rielly's Apple story

Derek Rielly Let me a paint a picture of a park-side setting in eastern Sydney.

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The real handbrake to workplace joy


Derek Rielly Going to work every day should be simple enough, but sometimes there's that special someone who makes it hell.

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NDIS funding the latest battle in the war on success

Isn't the reason we pay our income tax to fund important initiatives? It's a government drowning in debt of its own making that is the problem.

Derek Rielly Have you ever witnessed such a cold Machiavellian attack on the Australian electorate? Such a chilling guilt-trip blanketed upon an electorate already punch drunk from six years of a government ...

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The five places a man must never go

Derek Rielly In a horror show equalling the squalor of childbirth itself, a French obstetrician commented recently that men might want to stay out of the delivery room.

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Who killed feminism?


Derek Rielly Feminism, where did you go? I grew up in the seventies and came of age in the eighties when it seemed that every decent smart woman was a foot soldier in the war against the all-powerful ...

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10 things I hate about having children

Derek Rielly and children

Derek Rielly We've all seen the feel-good propaganda about being a parent. But I've done it for 22 years and let me tell you, sometimes it ain't that awesome. Here are 10 reasons why.

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Immunisation: the ultimate First World problem

Derek immunsation

Derek Rielly It's the greatest leap of faith you'll ever take. There you are in some blue-carpeted office piloted by a disinterested secretary busy swiping the Medicare cards.

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How sobriety nearly killed me

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Derek Rielly When did that sickly word sober enter the Australian lexicon? And why are we suddenly beseeched to drain our liquor cabinets for Parched March, Dry July, Ocsober or Remember December?

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No such thing as nice last words: life as a palliative care nurse

World's oldest person dies at 116 (Thumbnail)

Derek Rielly In cinemas now is the Franco-Austrian horror movie Amour. Maybe you've already sat through its two hours of drooling death porn. But let me tell you the story anyway (big spoiler ...

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Quick, run, a mammoth is chasing you: the cavemen fad

Derek Rielly

Derek Rielly When you live at Bondi, you see some awesomely faddish behaviour.

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Scaring the kids


Derek Rielly A terrified and weeping child woken by nightmares. It's the stock late-night wake-up call for parents.

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The age old question


Derek Rielly 'I wasn't going to celebrate turning 30,' he groaned. 'Christ. Thirty. Old.' Thirty. Old? Really?

Corruption in sport much more than a phantom punch

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Derek Rielly Sonny Liston was the greatest heavyweight who ever stole breath. Wasn't a man alive who could survive a collision with those big old fists of Sonny's.

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When you're in love with a beautiful woman

Rielly, model

Derek Rielly Men are weak on many things, but nothing steals our wits like the attention of a beautiful woman.

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