Andrew Darby

Andrew Darby

Andrew Darby is the Hobart correspondent for Fairfax Media. His focus is on Australia's interests south of 40 Degrees South - Tasmania, the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. He is the author of the internationally published Harpoon: Into the Heart of Whaling

Japanese whaling fleet heads for annual Antarctic hunt

Andrew Darby Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has confirmed Australia will again monitor Japanese whalers over the new year, as the fleet sails for its annual hunt.

Early signs Russia may let Arctic 30 Greenpeace activists return home

Greenpeace International activist Colin Russell of Australia stands in a cage during a court hearing to consider the request to extend the detention of 30 members of the Arctic Sunrise Greenpeace International ship in St. Petersburg, Russia, Monday, Nov. 18, 2013. The 30 people arrested following a Greenpeace protest at an Arctic oil rig were transferred to St. Petersburg from Murmansk. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

Andrew Darby Lawyers for Greenpeace's Arctic 30 are seeking exit visas for the environmental activists amid signs that Russian authorities may let them leave.

Russia must be held to account in Greenpeace case

Greenpeace International activist Colin Russell.

Andrew Darby The onus is now on other governments, such as Australia's, to call out Moscow's failure to honour an international tribunal.

Greenpeace activist Colin Russell granted bail

Greenpeace International Radio operator Colin Russell

Andrew Darby Australian Greenpeace activist Colin Russell has been granted bail, the last of the Arctic 30 to leave detention in Russia on hooliganism charges.

Greenpeace calls on Abbott to act on detained Arctic 30 activist Colin Russell

Colin Russell.

Andrew Darby Head of Greenpeace challenges Prime Minister to speak up for detained Australian activist.

'I've done nothing wrong,' says jailed Tasmanian activist Colin Russell


Andrew Darby How does a Tasmanian ship's radio operator become a man fighting a Russian jail term on a hooliganism charge? As Colin Russell recited his background to a court in St Petersburg this week, he seemed...

Abbott raises global ire after ditching tuna deal

Fisherman harvest Southern Blue fin Tuna from their enclosures 20km out to sea from Port Lincoln. Thursday 17th August 2006. THE AGE NEWS Picture by David Mariuz. dmz060817.001.005

Andrew Darby The Abbott government has been rebuked by Japan and New Zealand for ditching Australia's commitment to monitor closely its catch of the endangered southern bluefin tuna.

Greenpeace activists' hopes of early release from Russian detention dashed

A sign in support of Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise

Andrew Darby Hopes of gaining the early release of Greenpeace's Arctic 30 activists have been dashed with Russian authorities decision to revise charges against them, and rule out international arbitration.

Militarisation warning for Antarctica as China and Iran show increasing interest

Antarctica sightseeing flight

Andrew Darby Australian academics have pointed to dangers that Antarctic bases are for the first time being militarised, despite the continent officially being called a land of peace and science.

Voluntary euthanasia bill voted down

17-05-2012 Photo Scott Gelston
Tasmanian State Budget, 2012, handed down in Hobart Tasmania
Treasurer and Premier Lara Giddings gives her Budget 2012-13 press conference at the Executive Building in Hobart

Andrew Darby Bill narrowly voted down in the lower house of the Tasmanian parliament by margin of 13-11.

Julie Bishop backflip over whaling patrol ship

Julie Bishop

Andrew Darby Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has pulled back from the Coalition's previous firm commitment to sending a patrol ship south to monitor the whaling conflict this summer.

Cold time looms for Greenpeace activists held in Russia

Greenpeace activists hold placards demanding freedom for those detained on the boat Arctic Sunrise, during a protest in Moscow October 5, 2013. Russia shrugged off Dutch legal action over its detention and prosecution of Greenpeace activists for piracy, saying on Saturday the group's protest at an Arctic oil platform had been

Andrew Darby The benefit of hindsight tells us a there were clear signs Russia was hardening up before the arrest of the Greenpeace Arctic 30.

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Russia stirs anger with Greenpeace drugs claim

The new Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior ship visits Brisbane

Andrew Darby Russian accusations unite even Greenpeace's detractors against Moscow.

Risks grow for Antarctic life

Antarctic Krill.

Andrew Darby Turns out it's the little things we need to worry about in climate change. When they are in trouble a great polar ecosystem might also be having problems.

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Australian Colin Russell charged with piracy in Russia over Greenpeace protest

Greenpeace International Radio operator Colin Russell

Andrew Darby Australian marine radio operator Colin Russell has been charged with piracy, as alarm grows over Russia's handling of Greenpeace's Arctic oil drilling protest.

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Tasmanian MP denies grand final punch-up claim

Bryan Green, the new Deputy Premier of Tasmania.

Andrew Darby Tasmanian deputy premier Bryan Green has denied punching a man at the AFL grand final.

Kind words needed as euthanasia debate kicks off again

jps990413.002.001  . Generic pic of person in wheelchair.  Pic shows a woman with multiple sclerosis who wants to die through voluntary euthanasia.

Photo by Jason South

Andrew Darby The debate that refuses to die is being argued again.

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Palmer party claims first seat in Tasmania

Tim Colebatch, Andrew Darby Jacqui Lambie defeats Sex Party's Robbie Swan to take out final Senate seat in Tasmania.

Jacqui Lambie celebrates Senate win, switches to Palmer line on carbon tax

Palmer United Party candidate Jacqui Lambie pictured in Burnie yesterday

Andrew Darby In the end, the result was in the hands of "the big man upstairs", newly elected Palmer United senator Jacqui Lambie said. And by that, she didn't mean Clive Palmer.

Supertrawler opponents call on Coalition to hold line

The Margiris supertrawler

Andrew Darby Opponents of supertrawlers in Australian waters are urging the incoming federal government to stick with the current expert study into their potential effects.