Andrew Darby

Andrew Darby

Andrew Darby is the Hobart correspondent for Fairfax Media. His focus is on Australia's interests south of 40 Degrees South - Tasmania, the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. He is the author of the internationally published Harpoon: Into the Heart of Whaling

Coalition promises Antarctic catch-up

Andrew Darby The Coalition is promising to conduct the first strategic review of Australia's Antarctic priorities in 15 years as it moves to reverse deep cuts to the national program.

Parties united in promise to help the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef.

Ben Cubby, Andrew Darby Judging by the positions taken by all major parties contesting the federal election, everyone wants to save the Great Barrier Reef.

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Talk about Green Island ignores most important risk to future

Andrew Darby

Andrew Darby Just another Green Island day. Among the hundreds of visitors to this coral island off Cairns this day is a noisy Chinese family, clearly on their first foray into the world of the snorkeler.

Labor faces a devil of a time in troubled Tasmania


Andrew Darby When Kevin Rudd visited Tasmania to hand out $100 million, Graeme Elphinstone won a contract to build an ingenious log transport frame for railway wagons.

Fresh threats of legal action to block Tarkine mine

Tarkine, Tasmania.

Andrew Darby Environmentalists are again threatening legal action to stop a controversial iron ore mine in the Tarkine wilderness region in north-west Tasmania after the federal government approved it for a...

Cold War may be over, but Russia still does battle in Antarctica

2002-12-04..Editorial In, IQ images, Johanna.
Pic by Dan Smith of Russian ice breaker with UOW researcher Johanna Turnbull in front, in Antarctica.***FDCTRANSFER***

Andrew Darby It's been a while since we've had to worry about what Russia is up to at our back door.

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Decision will bring tectonic shift in whaling politics

Humpback whale

Andrew Darby Deputy Foreign Minister Koji Tsuruoka wound up Japan's defence of its Antarctic whaling in the International Court of Justice by reminding Australia of its nightmare.

Japan raises spectre of whaling treaty withdrawal

LON98:ENVIRONMENT:SOUTHERN OCEAN,11JAN00 - Fishermen of the Japanese whaling ship

Andrew Darby Australia's bid to outlaw scientific whaling by Japan has closed with the Asian power warning a decision against it could force it to quit the International Whaling Commission.

Japan rejects 'rogue' status over whaling


Andrew Darby Japan claims to have been painted as a rogue state by its so-called friend, Australia, as it defends itself over scientific whaling in the International Court of Justice.

Australia calls for immediate halt to Japanese whaling

Andrew Darby Australia has called on the International Court of Justice to act quickly to halt what it calls the random hunting and gathering of Japan's ''scientific'' whaling.

Sharp rebuke for Japan as Dreyfus appears in whaling case

Andrew Darby Federal Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus, QC, has sharply dismissed a Japanese claim that Australia is on a crusade against Japan over whaling before the International Court of Justice.

New Zealand intervenes in whaling case


Andrew Darby New Zealand has rejected Japan's claim to be legally whaling in the Antarctic as an attempt to reduce the global whaling treaty to an industry cartel.

Going to extremes

Station Lane, where at least three houses were razed.

Andrew Darby As record temperatures and bushfires turned the summer to cinders, many of the world's top climate scientists met in Australia.

Andrew Darby

Forestry peace: Tasmania's not out of the woods yet


Andrew Darby If a peace deal is lost, it's hard to see how anyone could try again, and easy to imagine the damage done to the state.

Angling for power

Margiris protest

Andrew Darby The nation's recreational fishers are flexing their not inconsiderable muscle in Canberra, as the row over the super-trawler Margiris shows.

Andrew Darby

Pontville experience showcases our better natures

Andrew Darby The federal government is spending too much energy defending itself against the merchants of fear and envy over asylum seekers. It doesn't need to.

Andrew Darby

The coming of the drones, for good

Andrew Darby Whoever said eternal vigilance is the price of liberty clearly didn't foresee drones.

Andrew Darby

Let's pop the helium balloon before we let it go

Balloon, inflation, deflation, cpi, consumer price index, balloon popped

Andrew Darby Excuse me for being a killjoy, but it's time to have a hard look at letting go of the party balloon.

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Andrew Darby

The cost of travel

Kate Scanlan

Andrew Darby Heaven knows how young women build good, strong lives in today's struggle between image and reality.

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Andrew Darby

One adrenalin-filled break, and it wasn't the coffee

Andrew Darby

Andrew Darby Some people have sirens and flashing lights for their alarms. We have the wrens. On Friday morning we were on coffee break in the garden, and the wrens went off.

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