Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb is a regular columnist, TV host and leading political commentator.

The fine art of bowing out gracefully

Annabel Crabb Of all the judgment calls political leaders make in their careers, the last one – how to quit – is the one they most regularly bungle.

Senate is hardly unrepresentative swill

Annabel Crabb Dinkus

Annabel Crabb Not only is the Senate closely representative of our national sense of humour and our love of persecuting the authority figures in our lives, it also represents our deep recognition that life is...

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A free press is valuable, no matter what it costs

Annabel Crabb What do Ani Yudhoyono's mobile phone, Nathan Rees' sex life and my pay packet have in common?

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A farewell ode to the Nambour Kid, forever to be known as Kevin

Annabel Crabb With his government packed away, his Lodge keys handed back, it was time for a final 'Gotta Zip'.

Women in politics face the ugliest of juggles

Annabel Crabb The latest round of national head-scratching about why there aren't more women in politics makes me want to poke out my own eyes with a rusty toasting fork.

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From pistols to pistons, the time is right to buy!

Fairfax Media writer

Annabel Crabb Political staffers don't have very easy lives. They work extremely hard for people who are at best demanding and at worst megalomaniacs. They hardly ever see their kids.

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The plight of Brian, and Labor's Wright of reply

Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb Anyone who has ever worked in an office will know the awkward joy that is the passive-aggressive note.

In the name of all that's nasty, read with caution

Annabel Crabb There are some sentences a human being should never be obliged to read. Some concepts that are too ghastly to ever be made flesh.

Annabel Crabb

No-excuse excuses are a very close relation to non-apology apologies

Annabel Crabb MODERN apologies have a punctuation problem. Have you noticed that? There's hardly ever a full-stop where there should be one.

Annabel Crabb

Poor is the new black in American politics: empathy or opportunism?

Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb POOR IS the new black.

Annabel Crabb

The Case of the Dodgy Boyfriend has never closed for Julia Gillard

Annabel Crabb - The Sun Herald (Thumbnail)

Annabel Crabb FORGET the Prince Harry photos. Forget Julian Assange's balcony address from the Ecuadorian embassy.

Annabel Crabb

So much easier if we wore life's campaign ribbons on our chest

Annabel Crabb.

Annabel Crabb IT'S VERY popular to criticise the armed forces at the moment. Whether it's general knitted brows over behavioural standards at the barracks, or the government's decision to administer a serious...

Annabel Crabb

Why stop at drugs? At the Freak Olympics nothing is forbidden

Annabel Crabb I WOULD like to see an Olympic Games with more drugs. There: I've said it.

Annabel Crabb

In the era of all-pervasive social media, we have the bizarre sideshow that's the Prank Olympics

Annabel Crabb WATCHING human beings attempt to cope with insane levels of bureaucracy is one of the most entertaining occupations on Earth.

Annabel Crabb

Let the poor woman have her baby and get on with both her jobs

Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb WHEN MARISSA Mayer was appointed on Tuesday as the new chief executive of Yahoo, initial news coverage was medium-to-unremarkable.

Annabel Crabb

Gambling art collector v pokies baron: What's the difference?

Annabel Crabb.

Annabel Crabb Gambling's bad. We've known that for years.

Annabel Crabb

Still incomprehending the sheer enormity of Higgs boson discovery

Annabel Crabb.

Annabel Crabb WELL, that God particle's learned a thing or two this week.


Political parents succumbing to stress can forget the little things

Annabel Crabb

ANNABEL CRABB Of all the things politicians can do for us, the most gratifying is to cock up something basic so we can all enjoy a satisfying little laugh.

Delightful yet treacherous, email follows you to every corner of life

Annabel Crabb.

Annabel Crabb EMAIL. Was there ever a more delightful, terrifying, treacherous invention?

Annabel Crabb

Airports are great social levellers - we're all losers

120306 - Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb It's official - Sydney Airport is now so rubbish that Barry O'Farrell wants to borrow Canberra's.