Dan Harrison

Dan Harrison

Dan Harrison is Health and Indigenous Affairs Correspondent for Fairfax Media. He is based in Canberra.

Abbott government must 'bring the public with them' with next budget: ACCI

Gareth Hutchens, Dan Harrison The Abbott government must try to “bring the public with them” when it delivers its second budget this year, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has urged.

Jacqui Lambie wants Malcolm Turnbull to replace Tony Abbott as PM

Senator Jacqui Lambie wants the Liberal Party to sort out their leadership issues.

Dan Harrison Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie hopes Malcolm Turnbull will replace Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.

Liver cancer Australia's most deadly cancer

Dan Harrison Liver cancer looms as Australia's greatest cancer challenge, according to a new analysis shows, with one Australian dying of liver cancer for every Australian who is diagnosed with the disease.

Mobile teams to help nursing homes with dementia care


Dan Harrison Mobile teams of experts will be deployed to nursing homes to help aged care providers deal people with severe symptoms of dementia.

Ebola treatment centre company Aspen Medical donated $15,000 to Liberal Party

Dan Harrison The company awarded a $20 million contract to operate an Ebola treatment centre on behalf of Australia donated $30,000 to the Liberal Party last financial year.

Food ministers reject advice on hemp in food

hemp seeds

Dan Harrison The nation's food ministers have rejected advice from Australia's food standards agency that hemp be allowed to be used in food.

We want your metadata kept for two years, says ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis

Two years: ASIO director Duncan Lewis said two years metadata retention was

Dan Harrison The head of the nation's main spy agency has strongly defended proposals to require phone and internet providers to store customer metadata for two years, declaring this was the "minimum" period of...

Australia delivers equipment to Afghan military to counter homemade bombs

Dan Harrison Australia has started delivering equipment to the Afghan military to counter improvised explosive devices.

Bookies say Tony Abbott more likely than not to face leadership challenge


Dan Harrison and Latika Bourke Punters believe it is more likely than not that Prime Minister Tony Abbott will face a leadership ballot before the next election.

Abbott's domestic violence policy re-announced to 'cover up gaffe'

Greens Senator Larissa Waters says Mr Abbott's announcement was designed to deflect attention from criticism.

Dan Harrison When Prime Minister Tony Abbott stepped up to the lectern to announce his commitment to tackle the scourge of domestic violence on Wednesday, some of his words had a familiar ring.

Constitutional recognition for indigenous Australia has had enough delays

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda.

Dan Harrison Why has the journey to constitutional recognition for indigenous Australia stalled?

Government accused of overstating health spending growth

Tony Abbott

Dan Harrison The Abbott government has been accused of exaggerating growth in healthcare spending to justify cuts to Medicare rebates.

Optometrists attack 'short-sighted' Medicare cuts

Short-sighted: Optometrists say eye health could decline as a result of Medicare cuts.

Dan Harrison More patients will pay to see an optometrist as a result of a cut to Medicare rebates, optometrists say.

Medicare reform sent back to the waiting room

Advice: Sussan Ley faces a tough job in selling the plans to cut Medicare.

Dan Harrison Will it be third time lucky for the Abbott government on Medicare, asks Dan Harrison?

What Medicare reform means for patients

On the card: Over the past decade, the amount Medicare spent on GP services has grown by about $60 per person.

Dan Harrison Australia's health spending as a proportion of GDP is less than that of the US and a number of European nations.

What the Medicare backdown means for you

Plan to cut a Medicare rebate to GPs abandoned

Dan Harrison Patients have been spared a $20 fee for short GP visits, but are likely to face higher out of pocket costs in July when other Abbott Government changes take effect.

GST on fresh food would hit poor hardest: health group

Dan Harrison Australians need incentives to eat health food - not disincentives, a health group says, as some MPs call for GST exemptions on basic food items to be reconsidered.

Abbott government failure to consult doctors about rebate changes 'really dumb'

Tony Abbott

Dan Harrison It's a brave government that picks a fight with doctors.

The five things you need to know about the Medicare changes

Dan Harrison Currently, Medicare pays a rebate of $37.05 for most consultations of up to 10 minutes. From Monday, the rebate for those consultations will be cut to $16.95.

Targeted therapies raise the number of subsidised high-priced drugs

Price: There are 61 drugs listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme that cost more than $5000 each time they are dispensed.

Dan Harrison The number of high-priced drugs being subsidised by the Commonwealth has increased as pharmaceutical companies produce more targeted therapies.