David Wroe

David Wroe

David Wroe is national security correspondent for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald in Canberra.

At least 500 jobs to come from submarine project but no guarantee of local construction

David Wroe and Richard Willingham The Abbott government has vowed at least 500 new jobs in Australia will be created under a $50 billion submarine program in which local industry can partner with shipbuilders from Japan, Germany or...


Growing number of 'cleanskin' jihadis, top cop says

David Wroe Australia's top counter-terrorism police officer has expressed concern that a rising number of "cleanskin" jihadis who have radicalised rapidly below the radar of police are slipping overseas to...

Defence bureaucrats stung by meagre pay offer

JIM RICE . .19,09.2012

David Wroe The Abbott government is risking a brawl with defence bureaucrats who've been offered a meagre 3.16 percent pay rise over three years, carefully undercutting the 4.

Australian shipbuilder ASC still in the dark over submarine 'competitive process'

Stuart Whiley, interim CEO of ASC.

David Wroe Adelaide-based shipbuilder ASC still has not been told by the Abbott government whether it will be able to bid for work on Australia's new submarine fleet.

Abbott government's metadata plan tipped to cost $300m

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says not storing electronic communication records would lead to an

Matthew Knott, David Wroe The Abbott government's controversial data retention scheme will cost an estimated $300 million to set up, with telecommunications consumers expected to foot almost half the total cost through higher...

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NATO hopes Australia will stay in Afghanistan after 2016

NATO military committee chairman General Knud Bartels.

David Wroe The military head of NATO has confirmed the alliance hopes Australia will remain in Afghanistan - including militarily - beyond the current withdrawal date of the end of 2016.

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Keeping data vital to fighting child pornography: Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott

David Wroe Tony Abbott is stepping up the government's push for laws compelling phone and internet firms to keep customer metadata, calling such data 'absolutely critical' to fighting child pornography online.

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No defence need to build submarines in Australia, says chief Mark Binskin

COllins class submarine

David Wroe There is no national security need to build the next fleet of submarines in Australia, Chief of the Defence Force Mark Binskin has said, putting a dent in the case for a local build.

Terrorists to lose citizenship

Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis.

David Wroe A high-level inquiry into the Martin Place siege is expected to back consideration of stripping dual nationals of their Australian citizenship if there is strong evidence they are involved in...

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'Hundreds' of Islamic State fighters killed in Australian air strikes: David Johnston

Chief of Joint Operations, Vice Admiral David Johnston.

David Wroe Australian air strikes have killed "hundreds" of Islamic State fighters in a campaign that has stripped the militant group of many of its most experienced fighters, Australia's commander in the Iraq...

Tony Abbott fires up over Russian subs but faces ongoing pressure

Prime Minister Tony Abbott fires up during question time on Wednesday.

David Wroe Tony Abbott has gone on the front foot over submarines to launch a remarkable attack on Labor, saying they would let the Russians or North Koreans build Australia's next fleet.

Confusion reigns over Abbott's submarine choice

Australia's HMAS Collins.

David Wroe, Defence Correspondent The competition rules the Abbott government is using to choose a new submarine were the subject of an auditor's probe – demanded by the Coalition itself – when they were used by Labor to...

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SA Libs swayed by Abbott call on submarines tender

The Royal Australian Navy's HMAS Dechaineux and HMAS Waller on exercise.

David Wroe Defence Correspondent At least two Liberals appear to have been swayed by the Prime Minister's public commitment to throw open the $25 billion purchase of new submarines to a competitive tender.

Crossbenchers say it's the policies, not the leader

Senator Nick Xenophon: Policies are the issue.

David Wroe Key crossbench senators whose votes the government needs to pass legislation insist it makes little difference to them who is leading the Liberal Party if its policies do not dramatically change.

South Australia calls royal commission on nuclear power

David Wroe The South Australian government has called the nation's first ever Royal Commission into nuclear fuel, raising the prospect of generating nuclear power in Australia and enriching uranium for export.

The case for Australian troops staying on in Afghanistan

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop visits the Troops at KAIA-N base in Afghanistan. Bishop is on the RAAF flight to Kabul.

David Wroe Many experts are arguing we should rethink our departure from Afghanistan.


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani meets Julie Bishop, urges Western troops to stay

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop visiting troops in Afghanistan.

David Wroe Afghanistan’s new President has urged the West to stay involved in his country – including militarily - longer than the planned withdrawal date at the end of next year in a meeting with...

Attorney-General George Brandis says metadata limits jeopardise criminal investigations

Attourney-General George Brandis.

David Wroe Internet providers are wiping data and, with it, information that could be important to police investigations.

Sydney jihadist Mohamed Elomar boasts of conversion of Yazidi child

A picture of Mohamed Elomar, from either Syria or Iraq.

David Wroe Notorious Sydney jihadist Mohamed Elomar has boasted online about the conversion of a young Iraqi boy from the minority Yazidi sect to the brutal Islamic State ideology.

Terrorist attack on police officers deemed 'likely'

Attack likely: Police are on high alert across the nation.

David Wroe and Rachel Olding Police across the nation have been warned to keep a close eye out for their safety as federal authorities declared that a terrorist attack targetting officers of the law is now "likely".