David Wroe

David Wroe

David Wroe is national security correspondent for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald in Canberra.

Australian Islamic State jihadist Neil Prakash added to UN sanctions list

David Wroe Australians who give money to the nation's most prominent member of the Islamic State terror group, Neil Prakash, will face up to 10 years' jail under new sanctions imposed by the Abbott government.

Senators reveal scant interest in terrorism

Peer groups are the greatest influence on what teenagers do and think, and social media can cement them into homogenous cells where no dissenting view on the world can break through.

David Wroe If terrorism is the greatest threat of our time as the government says, nobody seems to have told the Senate legal and constitutional affairs committee.

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Diggers need to join Iraq battlefield, defence experts say

Retired Australian Army Major General Jim Molan.

David Wroe, Nick Miller Some of the nation's most influential defence thinkers are pushing for Australia to become more deeply involved in Iraq by having troops enter the battlefield to prop up shaky local forces.

Australia should go 'beyond the wire' and join Iraqis on battlefield, says former army officer Jim Molan

Retired major-general Jim Molan says Australian forces need to get more involved on the ground in Iraq.

David Wroe Retired army general Jim Molan, who has significant sway within the Abbott government, has called for Australian and allied troops to deepen their involvement in Iraq by entering the battlefield to...

More than 150 serving Defence staff accused of abuse, but none have faced action yet

Air Commodore Henrik Ehlers says the 151 alleged abusers are made up of 82 permanent Australian Defence Force members, 31 reservists, 31 standby reservists – who do not take part in active service – and seven members of the Defence Department public service.

David Wroe, Defence Correspondent More than 150 Defence members accused of sexual and other abuse are still serving in the military or the department but none has yet faced disciplinary action, a Senate hearing has been told.

South China Sea: Australia will ignore Chinese air defence zone, says Kevin Andrews

Defence Minister Kevin Andrews.

David Wroe, Defence Correspondent Defence Minister Kevin Andrews has said Australia would continue to fly military aircraft over disputed waters in the South China Sea even if Beijing imposes a unilateral restricted air zone.

Afghan province sliding back towards Taliban control

Safety and security: The deterioration in Oruzgan province appears to put at risk gains made during the nearly eight years that the ADF were stationed there.

David Wroe The Afghanistan province where Australian troops were stationed for eight years and suffered most of their casualties is in danger of sliding back into Taliban control, experts say.

Australia must choose between strategic, economic security: expert

National security issues

David Wroe Australia will have to choose between safeguarding itself against a strategic "storm brewing" and economic "dark clouds" gathering, the nation's leading independent defence economist says.

Defence pay offer could leave military short-staffed: expert

The Abbott government's approach to defence pay could lead to recruitment problems.

David Wroe, defence correspondent The Abbott government is conducting a "brave experiment" by giving military personnel below-average pay rises.

Chinese ambassador fires warning over Spratly Islands dispute

China's ambassador to Australia, Ma Zhaoxu.

David Wroe China's ambassador to Australia has fired an ominous warning shot against critics of his country's island-building in the South China Sea, saying Beijing's "determination to safeguard its sovereignty...

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The fatal flaws in Tony Abbott's counter-terrorism citizenship plan

David Wroe dinkus Dinkus

David Wroe There are serious questions about the government's counter-terrorism citizenship proposals that have nothing to do with being soft on terrorists and everything to do with being a responsible global...

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PNG leader Peter O'Neill calls for Australian intervention in Myanmar Rohingya crisis

Rohingya migrants swimming to collect food supplies dropped by a Thai army helicopter after they jumped from a boat drifting in Thai waters.

David Wroe, National Security Correspondent, Iwaki, Japan Papua New Guinea's leader Peter O'Neill has called on Australia and other countries to intervene more robustly in Myanmar, warning that developing nations like his cannot resettle refugees...

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Julie Bishop: Smashing people smuggling the priority due to terrorism links

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop

David Wroe Destroying the people-smuggling trade remains a "national security priority" for Australia because it is being used globally to fund terrorism, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has said.

Jakarta rebukes Tony Abbott for hardline refugee stance

Muslim Rohingya in a shelter in Birem Bayuen in Indonesia's Aceh province.

Jewel Topsfield, James Massola, David Wroe The Indonesian government has rebuked Australia for refusing to resettle any of the thousands of Rohingya and Bangladeshi asylum seekers at the centre of the growing refugee...

North Korea ever more desperate, says Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop said that ''Australia always takes seriously North Korea's erratic behaviour''.

David Wroe Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says rogue state North Korea is feeling the pressure of sanctions and Beijing's cooling support, and could be forced back to the negotiating table over its nuclear...

Region should talk to Myanmar over treatment of Rohingyas: Julie Bishop

Muslim Rohingya in a shelter in Birem Bayuen in Indonesia's Aceh province on Wednesday.

David Wroe Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has indicated that south-east Asian nations should abandon their reluctance to interfere in each other's internal affairs and tackle the issue of Myanmar's treatment of...

Iraqi army leaves Ramadi, prompting warnings of long road ahead in battle against IS

Smoke rises after a bomb attack in the city of Ramadi.

David Wroe The key Iraqi city of Ramadi, barely 100 kilometres from the capital Baghdad, has fallen to the Islamic State terror group in a dramatic development that defence experts and Australian officials warn...

David Morrison steps down as Army chief

David Wroe David Morrison rolls his eyes slightly at the suggestion that after 36 years in the Army, four as its Chief, he's going to be remembered for a three minute speech on YouTube.

Australia urged to send military to counter China's control over sea lanes

A US Air Force B1-B bomber during a mission over Syria.

John Garnaut and David Wroe Australia should prepare to send military aircraft and ships to the South China Sea to stop China from asserting territorial control across some of the world's most important trading lanes, says a...

US official misspoke on B-1 bombers being based in Australia: Tony Abbott

Defence Minister Kevin Andrews.

David Wroe The Abbott government has swiftly dismissed remarks by a Washington official that the US plans to place long-range bombers and surveillance aircraft in Australia to deter Chinese ambitions in the...

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