David Wroe

David Wroe

David Wroe is national security correspondent for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald in Canberra.

Abbott government extends royal commission into trade unions

David Wroe The Abbott government is extending the royal commission into trade unions into next year and expanding its scope to allow a deeper probe into criminal conduct by officials.

Iraq approves Aussie special forces on the ground

Super Hornet

David Wroe Australian special forces have been cleared to start work on the ground in Iraq, helping local forces as they face the grinding task of driving Islamic State fighters out of their stronghold towns...

Iraqi army needs Australian guidance to beat Islamic State

The Iraqi army has about 270,000 soldiers registered, however, many of these names are believed to be fictitious.

David Wroe With air strikes set to bottle the Islamic State's fighters up in towns and cities, the question turns to the Iraqi army and whether it is capable of beating the militants on the ground, even with...

Iraq will cost us $400m a year, says defence expert Mark Thomson

LIMASSOL, CYPRUS - SEPTEMBER 27:  A British RAF tornado fighter jet prepares to land on an airstrip at RAF Akrotiri after returning from a mission over Iraq on September 27, 2014 in Limassol, Cyprus. The Commons voted by 524 to 43 on Friday to approve combat missions in Iraq in order to halt the advance of Isis militants. (Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Getty Images)

David Wroe Prime Minister Tony Abbott has estimated the cost of Australia's involvement in Iraq at about $500 million a year.

How the 'just war' theory applies to Australia's fight against the Islamic State

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David Wroe The 'just war' is defined by meeting six basic principles about justice, legality and proportionality. Does the war against the Islamic State qualify?

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Five key questions on Australia's role in Iraq war

A RAAF Hornet refueling off a KC-30 tanker in a file picture.

David Wroe What are the primary issues facing Australia as it begins air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq?

Tony Abbott commits Australian forces to Iraq

Tony Abbott

David Wroe, Lisa Cox Tony Abbott has given the go-ahead for RAAF fighters to begin air strikes against the feared Islamic State in Iraq, marking the start of Australia's military involvement in a campaign likely to last...

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RAAF air strikes against Islamic State could be delayed a week, says Iraq ambassador

Mouayed Saleh, Iraq's ambassador to Australia.

David Wroe Iraq's ambassador says that an invitation from Baghdad for Australia to begin air strikes against the Islamic State group may still be a week away, in part because of a major Muslim holiday looming.

Tony Abbott ready for Australia to join fight against Islamic State despite measured response

David Wroe dinkus

David Wroe As one military figure put it recently, "blind Freddy" could see that the Abbott government was ready and willing to contribute to military action against the Islamic State.

Tony Abbott approves first air missions over Iraq

Planes to start flying over Iraq: Prime Minister Tony Abbott in Parliament on Wednesday.

Mark Kenny and David Wroe Tony Abbott has given the green light to the first aerial missions over Iraq, in an "assistance" capacity initially, in a move seen as a precursor to the authorisation of full combat sorties by...

New federal police chief Andrew Colvin warns of long war on terror

David Wroe Australia's new federal police chief says low-tech terrorism, which can be incited from around the world, makes the Islamic State era a new kind of threat that will take years to stamp out.

RAAF begins flight missions over Iraq, as part of campaign against Islamic State

A RAAF Hornet refueling off a KC-30 tanker in a file picture.

David Wroe RAAF planes will on Wednesday start flying missions over Iraq to support coalition aircraft in a deepening of Australia's military involvement in the campaign against the Islamic State terror group.

Embassy refuses to deny claims Chinese government issued 'veiled threats' to the ABC over Foreign Correspondent episode

Uighur report: ABC journalist Stephen McDonell.

David Wroe and Kate McClymont The Chinese Embassy has declined the chance to reject claims the Chinese government threatened the ABC over a Foreign Correspondent episode set to air on Tuesday night.

Network of extremism fosters radicals


A member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waves an ISIL flag in Raqqa. REUTERS/Stringer 


David Wroe Numan Haider appears to have had links with Australian extremists through the complex and tight-knit networks that flow right through to Islamic State in the Middle East.

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Army chief predicts a long war as US and Arab states hit IS in Syria

Chief of Army, Lieutenant-General David Morrison says the war against Islamic State will be a long one.

David Wroe, Tom Allard and Heath Aston Australia's most senior soldier, Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison, has warned the fight against the Islamic State may be part of one "long war" that lasts for decades into the future.

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Islamic State urges killings as Prime Minister Tony Abbott warns over price of freedom

David Wroe and Heath Aston Islamic State has urged its supporters to go out and kill civilians of the West, including Australians, as Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned the nation will have to sacrifice freedoms for security...

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Islamic State followers urged to attack Australians by any means possible


David Wroe Followers of the Islamic State terror group are being urged to attack by any means possible civilians of the West, including Australia, in a chilling exhortation posted online purportedly by the...

Critics aplenty but Putin still welcome for G20 summit

Australian Teasurer Joe Hockey

Cameron Atfield, David Wroe, Gareth Hutchens Russian President Vladimir Putin looks destined to be on his way to Brisbane in November after a push to have him banned from the G20 summit was seemingly put to bed in Cairns on Saturday.

Bishop says enough evidence for criminal investigation of MH17 crash

David Wroe Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says enough evidence has been gathered at the MH17 crash site in Ukraine for a criminal investigation to go ahead.

Australian Defence Force personnel advised to wear civvies due to terror threats


Julieanne Strachan, David Wroe, Judith Ireland The Abbott government has said it is prepared to extend police powers even further if law enforcement agencies say they are needed.