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James Massola is a political correspondent in the Canberra bureau. He has worked in the federal press gallery for six years, most recently as political correspondent for The Australian Financial Review.

Tony Abbott, Anthony Albanese hand South Sydney a pre-NRL grand final gift: $10 million

James Massola Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Labor MP Anthony Albanese have put politics aside to hand $10 million for the South Sydney Rabbitohs ahead of Sunday's NRL grand final.

Tony Abbott to kill off Parliament House 'burqa' ban

Tony Abbott arrives at question time.

James Massola Prime Minister Tony Abbott has killed off a plan proposed by Speaker Bronwyn Bishop and Senate president Stephen Parry that would require women wearing burqas to be separated from the public and...

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Burqa-wearing women to be seated with children in parliamentary gallery

James Massola, Latika Bourke Women who wear face coverings will be separated from the general population and seated with schoolchildren when they visit Parliament House

Tony Abbott expresses support for parliamentary burqa ban, but colleagues do not


James Massola Tony Abbott has expressed support for a push to ban the burqa from Parliament House on security grounds, prompting senior Liberal figures to distance themselves from the Prime Minister.

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Burqa debate: Tony Abbott says people need to be identifiable in secure buildings

Woman in burqa

Latika Bourke, James Massola Prime Minister Tony Abbott has appeared to back a ban on the burqa being worn in Parliament House but at the same time said no-one has ever sought to enter the building "so attired".

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Treasurer Joe Hockey confirms government is looking for new savings

Treasurer Joe Hockey

James Massola Treasurer Joe Hockey has confirmed the government is searching for additional savings ahead of the mid-year economic update, but dismissed reports the government has given up $30 billion in savings...

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott urged to reveal his hand on burqa ban

Peta Credlin

James Massola, Latika Bourke Labor leader Bill Shorten has called on Tony Abbott to show leadership and tackle head on the socially divisive views of some of his backbench MPs.

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Peta Credlin backs burqa ban in Federal Parliament


James Massola, Latika Bourke Prime Minister Tony Abbott's most senior advisor, Peta Credlin, has told Liberal National MP George Christensen she is sympathetic to a burqa ban in Parliament House on security grounds, but warned...

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Fear of ascendancy of Scott Morrison leads to scuttling of homeland security super-ministry

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison during Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday 15 July 2014. Photo:

Mark Kenny and James Massola A move within the Abbott cabinet to establish a homeland security super-ministry drawing together several major departments and functions looks to have been scuttled because senior figures viewed it...

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Labor may support a US-style Homeland Security super-agency

Brendan O'Connor

James Massola Labor says it could back the creation of the super department - but there's a catch.

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Cormann predicts strong interest in Medibank Private sell-off

Mathias Cormann

James Massola Australians can now pre-register to buy shares in the nation's largest health insurer, while Medibank Private and AHM policy holders who pre-register will be entitled to buy additional shares.

Julie Bishop says Australia could join air strikes on IS in a matter of days

British Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 fighter jets return from a mission over Iraq.

James Massola, Matthew Knott Australia could join air strikes on Islamic State insurgents in a matter of days as the final hurdles to participation are cleared, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says.

Scott Morrison's role could be beefed up to include anti-terrorism responsibilities

James Massola and Sarah Whyte Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is tipped to take on additional responsibilities for counter-terrorism under changes being considered by the federal government.

John Howard says big reforms still possible despite 24 hour news cycle

Former prime minister John Howard says the 24-hour media cycle should not hamper economic and political reform.

James Massola Australia's second-longest serving prime minister, John Howard, says it is too pessimistic to claim that economic and political reform is no longer possible in the era of the 24 hour news cycle.

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Andrew Robb goes into bat for Victoria's brown coal

Trade Minister Andrew Robb.

James Massola, Lisa Cox Trade Minister Andrew Robb has leapt to the defence of Victoria's brown coal industry, labelling it a resource that is often demonised by people who oppose growth and development.

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Kevin Rudd fires back at Julia Gillard, calling My Story book a 'fiction' and a 'justification'

Julia Gillard admits that deposing Kevin Rudd as prime minister damaged her reputation.

James Massola, Heath Aston Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has hit back at his Labor successor Julia Gillard, labelling her new book, My Story, a work of "fiction".

Labor to tackle 'drive-in-drive-out suburbs as Anthony Albanese appointed party's cities spokesman

Anthony Albanese has released details of Labor's cities policy.

James Massola Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese will be formally appointed his party's official spokesman on Cities, as the opposition moves to tackle the phenomenon of "drive in-drive out" suburbs and assert...

Treasurer Joe Hockey hails G20 finance ministers' meeting a success

Treasurer Joe Hockey speaks at the conclusion of the G20 meeting of finance ministers in Cairns.

Gareth Hutchens, James Massola Treasurer Joe Hockey says G20 finance ministers are 90 per cent of the way towards meeting a 2 per cent target for additional global growth, with more than 900 policy initiatives agreed to on the...

Hockey hails progress on G20 targets for job growth

Joe Hockey

James Massola and Gareth Hutchens Treasurer Joe Hockey says G20 Finance Ministers are 90 per cent of the way towards meeting a  2 per cent target for additional global growth, with over 900 policy initiatives that will make the...

Paul Keating labels government, Palmer deal to freeze super 'appalling' and 'cheap ideology'

Former prime minister Paul Keating has advocated a national longevity levy to help support the increasing number of people living beyond 80.

James Massola Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has launched a blistering attack on the Abbott government, labelling the federal government's deal with the Palmer United Party to pause the rise in superannuation...

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