Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland is a national political reporter, The Pulse blogger and a columnist for The Canberra Times.

Kevin Andrews branded 'pasty faced and pooncy' by NT MP Kezia Purick

Judith Ireland A Northern Territory Coalition MP has launched an extraordinary attack on Kevin Andrews' pro-marriage stance, labelling the federal Social Services Minister "pooncy" and "pasty faced" and suggesting...

Little evidence childcare quality boosts outcomes: report

The report questions the quality reforms that were implemented under the Gillard government in 2012.

Judith Ireland Money spent on a program to improve childcare for all children would have more impact if it went to helping disadvantaged children only, a report says.

Kevin Andrews is becoming the Minister for Readiness

Framework: Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews is a quiet reformist.

Judith Ireland Kevin Andrews wants to change the way social policy is delivered in Australia. The challenge will be in the detail.

Child ready, life ready: Kevin Andrews argues for early intervention

Minister Kevin Andrews

Judith Ireland Kevin Andrews wants his department to develop a framework to embed early intervention and prevention into Social Services' policies and program.

Child-ready: Abbott government examines how to boost 'parental competence'

Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews:

Judith Ireland Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews is looking at ways to boost "parental competence" and make sure Australians adapt smoothly to key "life points" – from going to school to having children...

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States push back on federal government control of nannies

nanny state

Judith Ireland At a meeting of education ministers, several states combined to reject a proposal from the federal minister responsible for childcare to consult the public and experts about regulating in-home care.

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Royal commission statement about Gillard 'very damning': Brandis

Attorney-General George Brandis say royal commission findings were

Judith Ireland Former PM's professional conduct "questionable".

George Brandis lists al-Murabitun as terror organisation

Judith Ireland The northern Mali-based group al-Murabitun has become the lastest organisation to be listed by the Australian government as a terrorist group. 

Direct Action is a Mickey Mouse scheme says former Howard adviser

Geoffrey Cousins

Judith Ireland Direct Action is a "Mickey Mouse" scheme that falls short of the "real leadership" needed to tackle climate change, a former Howard government adviser says. 

The F-word strikes again. But does it land a blow for the cause?

Judith Ireland The scene down at the National Press Club was predictable enough. There were bread rolls, a hunk of overcooked salmon, a white, a red, a cheese plate, a set piece address and then some questions.

Childcare resolutions will have to wait for the new year

Long awaited: Assistant Education Minister Sussan Ley has yet to read the Productivity Commission's final report.

Judith Ireland and James Massola A Productivity Commission report on childcare and early childhood education will have a delayed response from the Abbott government.

Grandparents need help raising grandchildren: Senate committee

Grandparents need more help raising children, a Senate committee has found.

Judith Ireland Grandparents who raise their grandchildren, usually due to the death of a parent or substance abuse issues, need more help from the government, a parliamentary committee has recommended.

'I'm no feminist': Julie Bishop

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop.

Judith Ireland Australia's only female cabinet minister Julie Bishop does not describe herself as a feminist and says she does not find the term useful today. 

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I'm not a feminist, says cabinet minister Julie Bishop

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop.

Judith Ireland and Latika Bourke Australia's only female cabinet minister, Julie Bishop, does not describe herself as a feminist and says she does not find the term useful today. 

No free-range nannies, says Early Childhood Australia


Judith Ireland Central co-ordination units should be set up if nannies get federal government funding to prevent fraud and make sure nannies deliver appropriate care, the lead body for children says.

Attempt to abolish seniors supplement sparks stand-off

elderly generic

Judith Ireland The Abbott government is once again on a crash course with the Senate over the welfare measures it handed down in the May budget. 

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Welfare controls will not apply to everyone on benefits, Alan Tudge says

Mining magnate Andrew Forrest.

Judith Ireland The federal government is "actively" considering mining magnate Andrew Forrest's recommendations that welfare recipients be issued with a debit card to ensure they do not spend their benefits on...

There's no aphrodisiac like history and Gough Whitlam

Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland You would be hard pressed to find an Australian who did not cop the effects of the Whitlam era.

Abbott government in talks with banks about welfare cards


Judith Ireland The federal government is in talks with banks about a controversial proposal to issue welfare recipients with a card that would ensure they used their benefits for things like food and clothing and...