Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland is a national political reporter, The Pulse blogger and a columnist for The Canberra Times.

More is more when it comes to the G20's gender agenda

Judith Ireland What does Kim Kardashian's derriere have in common with the G20?

Federal Politics and G20 Live: November 14, 2014


Stephanie Peatling and Judith Ireland Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of one of the biggest events on the political circuit - the G20.

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Y20 head Holly Ransom on mission to ease youth unemployment

Crusade: Y20 co-chair Holly Ransom will talk to as many world leaders as she can.

Judith Ireland Holly Ransom runs her own consultancy firm teaching people about public speaking, so addressing a room full of strangers is not usually a problem.

Campaigns against halal are anti-Islamic bullying: race commissioner

Tim Soutphommasane says there has been a recent rise in anti-Muslim sentiment.

Judith Ireland Campaigns against Australian companies that make halal products are "little more than anti-Islamic bullying", according to Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane.

World is dismayed about Australia's climate stance: Wayne Swan

Wayne Swan says the G20 should put climate change back at the core of its agenda.

Judith Ireland The man who was once hailed as the world's best finance minister has called on the G20 to put climate change back at the core of its agenda, arguing Australia is using its privileged position as...

Pope Francis writes to Tony Abbott, calls for G20 not to forget poor

Pope Francis has written to Tony Abbott, calling for the G20 to not forget the world's poor.

Judith Ireland, Tom Allard Inequality has grown significantly among G20 nations in the past year, with the richest 1 per cent of people enjoying an extraordinary $US6.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop runs rings around her Beijing security entourage

Julie Bishop minister for Foreign Affairs on an early morning run with her security entourage at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing on Monday 10 September 2014. Photo: Andrew Meares

Judith Ireland Some people get up in the morning and check their phones and emails. Others have a bowl of muesli. For Julie Bishop, it begins with a run.

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Kevin Andrews finds fan in UK MP Iain Duncan Smith

Social Services minister Kevin Andrews.

Judith Ireland Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews has backed a British government move to ensure all its policies support stable family life, even joking that its Work and Pensions Secretary got the idea from...

Pearson's brilliant speech is fitting farewell for Whitlam

Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland Australians' natural suspicious of grandiose talk may have cost us a wealth of such speeches as we revelled in this week.

'Junk science' behind criticism of quality childcare, experts claim


Judith Ireland Academics and childcare experts have rejected a report by a free market think tank that found there is little evidence that improving the quality of childcare will create improved outcomes for...

Kevin Andrews branded 'pasty faced and pooncy' by NT MP Kezia Purick

Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews.

Judith Ireland A Northern Territory Coalition MP has launched an extraordinary attack on Kevin Andrews' pro-marriage stance, labelling the federal Social Services Minister "pooncy" and "pasty faced" and suggesting...

Little evidence childcare quality boosts outcomes: report

The report questions the quality reforms that were implemented under the Gillard government in 2012.

Judith Ireland Money spent on a program to improve childcare for all children would have more impact if it went to helping disadvantaged children only, a report says.

Kevin Andrews is becoming the Minister for Readiness

Framework: Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews is a quiet reformist.

Judith Ireland Kevin Andrews wants to change the way social policy is delivered in Australia. The challenge will be in the detail.

Child ready, life ready: Kevin Andrews argues for early intervention

Minister Kevin Andrews

Judith Ireland Kevin Andrews wants his department to develop a framework to embed early intervention and prevention into Social Services' policies and program.

Child-ready: Abbott government examines how to boost 'parental competence'

Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews:

Judith Ireland Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews is looking at ways to boost "parental competence" and make sure Australians adapt smoothly to key "life points" – from going to school to having children...

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States push back on federal government control of nannies

nanny state

Judith Ireland At a meeting of education ministers, several states combined to reject a proposal from the federal minister responsible for childcare to consult the public and experts about regulating in-home care.

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Royal commission statement about Gillard 'very damning': Brandis

Attorney-General George Brandis say royal commission findings were

Judith Ireland Former PM's professional conduct "questionable".

George Brandis lists al-Murabitun as terror organisation

Judith Ireland The northern Mali-based group al-Murabitun has become the lastest organisation to be listed by the Australian government as a terrorist group. 

Direct Action is a Mickey Mouse scheme says former Howard adviser

Geoffrey Cousins

Judith Ireland Direct Action is a "Mickey Mouse" scheme that falls short of the "real leadership" needed to tackle climate change, a former Howard government adviser says.