Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland is a national political reporter, The Pulse blogger and a columnist for The Canberra Times.

More than a million Australians live in poverty: report

Judith Ireland More than a million Australians are living in poverty despite two decades of economic growth, according to new research which calls for a radical policy shake-up to deal with the national "disgrace".

Funded nanny pilot program given green light

Scott Morrison

Judith Ireland The Abbott government has confirmed that there will be federal funding for nannies under a pilot program that is likely to roll out later this year. 

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Treasurer Joe Hockey refuses to set surplus date as economy struggles

Treasurer Joe Hockey has to decide what should be tax-exempt what should not be taxed.

Judith Ireland and Gareth Hutchens Treasurer Joe Hockey has refused to name a date for a surplus, arguing the Coalition just needs to show a "quality trajectory" for getting back to black.

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Why Tony Abbott's skol doesn't sit quite right

Judith Ireland dinkus

Judith Ireland When Tony Abbott walked into the Royal Oak Hotel on Saturday night and downed that beer, he didn't just put an end to all those jokes about his shandy drinking.

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Joe Hockey: No way are we putting a date on the surplus

Treasurer Joe Hockey says the government

Judith Ireland Treasurer Joe Hockey has declared the government "has never put a date" on returning to a budget surplus, arguing that the Coalition just needs to show a "quality trajectory" back to black instead.

Abbott government closes religious loophole for children's vaccinations

Two people have been charged over the incident at an Ipswich shopping centre.

Judith Ireland The Abbott government has closed another loophole on children's vaccinations, ending a religious exemption that allowed Christian Scientists to get childcare benefits and not vaccinate their kids.

Party Prince Harry lets the chopper do the talking

Judith Ireland Prince Harry is famous for his love of partying, but he has spent the past fortnight in more serious conditions.

Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg rules out superannuation changes in budget

Judith Ireland After last year's budget controversy, this year's is likely to have less "shock and awe", says Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

Childcare subsidy reform could see 100,000 families out of care

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Judith Ireland There are growing concerns that about 100,000 Australian children may be pulled out of childcare because of tough new requirements about the number of hours their parents will need to work to get...

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Asylum seekers ferried by navy arrive back in Vietnam: report

The HMAS Choules (right) was close to the southern port city of Vung Tau.

Judith Ireland Australia's Vietnamese community has received a report that an Australian Navy boat carrying asylum seekers back to Vietnam has arrived in the country amid concerns the group is now being...

Tony Abbott urges Australians to turn up on Anzac Day in wake of terror raids

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 18:  Prime minister Tony Abbott delivers a press conference in regards to a number fo arrests relating to terrorism and ANZAC Day security on April 18, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Dominic Lorrimer/Fairfax Media)

Judith Ireland Prime Minister Tony Abbott has urged Australians to turn up to Anzac Day commemorations "in the largest possible numbers," in the wake of a foiled terror plot that was targetting events in Melbourne.

Vaccination-exempt church revealed as Christian Scientists

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison.

Judith Ireland It is the question that Scott Morrison has repeatedly refused to answer. Which is the Australian religious organisation that qualifies for an exemption from vaccination?

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Fresh surrogacy concerns over boy abandoned in India

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop in New Delhi on Monday.

Judith Ireland Australian officials could do nothing to stop an Australian couple from abandoning their baby son, born through surrogacy in India, after they decided they did not want to bring him to Australia.

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Abbott government vaccination plan won't work: expert

Associate professor Julie Leask says a new move to cut welfare benefits to parents who don't immunise their children would not have a meaningful impact on  vaccination rates.

Judith Ireland The Abbott government's tough new stance on immunisation will only increase vaccination rates by an "absolute maximum of one per cent," a Sydney immunisation expert says.

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The private struggle with public street harassment

Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland It's one of the most pervasive forms of sexualised violence so why isn't street harassment taken more seriously, asks Judith Ireland.

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Scott Morrison says Abbott government won't rush in on funding for nannies in May budget

Numbers game: Scott Morrison said the government would

Judith Ireland There is uncertainty over whether the federal government will include funding for nannies in its upcoming childcare package. 

Corporate giants join push for same-sex marriage

FFA chief David Gallop says his sport embraces same-sex marriage.

Judith Ireland Corporate giants are coming out in support of same-sex marriage as part of a letter-writing campaign to increase pressure on Federal Parliament to pass the reform.

Minimum work test will block childcare for 100,000 mothers, Scott Morrison warned

Career vs motherhood. Are we all just winging it?

Judith Ireland There are fears more than 100,000 mothers will be forced to give up work if the Abbott government cracks down on the number of hours parents have to work in order to get childcare subsidies.

The nasty tax surprise about to hit the average Australian worker

Austral Perth.

Judith Ireland The average Australian worker will find themselves bumped into the second-highest income tax bracket in just over a year's time.

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Childcare pricing plan lags behind real fees

Childcare generic.

Judith Ireland The Abbott government is considering how to limit extra spending on childcare while minimising the number of families left worse off.