Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland

Judith Ireland is a national political reporter, The Pulse blogger and a columnist for The Canberra Times.

Judith Ireland

That the member no longer be heard a blessing in more ways than one

Judith Ireland On the Q.T. with Judith Ireland: Bill Shorten, public face of faceless men, received the duty call early in question time.

Judith Ireland

Marked similarities between a Woody film and Parliament

Judith Ireland dinkus

Judith Ireland Along with the well-established plot formulae, both have the propensity to pick things apart.

Judith Ireland

Barnaby seals it with a dolphin in a dam

Senator Barnaby Joyce comments on the Regional Development Australia Fund during a doorstop interview at Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday 13 September 2012.

Judith Ireland For a humble accountant from New England, Barnaby Joyce is no stranger to controversy.

On the QT

A day for the adults in parliament's playground

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey during Question Time

Judith Ireland In sitting weeks, party meetings are a chance for MPs to come together. To hear updates, ask questions and get pumped up.

Twitter turns pterodactyl as those hashtaggers start to squawk

Judith Ireland The twit sure came out in Twitter this week. The microblogging site baring the logo of a cute little bird twit twittering away, morphed into snarling, squawking pterodactyl.

Judith Ireland

Strolling down memory lane, please don't mention the war

Judith Ireland It's been quite a week for putting on comfortable shoes, packing a light lunch and promenading down Memory Lane.

Judith Ireland

Anniversary that turned into a slanging match

Judith Ireland Yesterday marked two years since Julia Gillard uttered those words that will live in infamy: ''There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.''

Judith Ireland

Pollies' fast and furious pace no match for our Olympians

Australian olympic athletes return to Sydney Airport. Swimmers Liesel Jones and Emily Seebohm.

Judith Ireland After years of brutal training, two weeks of gut wrenching competition and one long-haul flight, our Olympians returned to the national bosom yesterday.

Channel Nine takes gold for most irritating Games coverage

Emily Seebohm breaks down in tears while talking to Channel 9's Grant Hackett after taking silver in the 100m backstroke at the London Olympics.

Judith Ireland The Olympics are supposed to be a time of huge and mighty goodwill. Marking the best of what humans can do. Sure, this involves their tragedies as well as their triumphs.

Judith Ireland

On the starting blocks for a fortnight of fun and Games

Judith Ireland It may not be a popular thing to admit in a town that is by nature more political than physical … but I am jumping out of my beanie with excitement that London 2012 is finally here.

Government has measure on C-Day debate

Craig Emerson trade  minister displays a tape measure during question time as Prime Minister Julia Gillard looks on at Parliament House Canberra on June 2012. Photo: Andrew Meares

Judith Ireland We've had two boat disasters, two days of impassioned debate and votes in two Houses. Yet we've still ended up right back where we started: with our politicians talking about how much they care about...

Judith Ireland

Cold war lies at the heart of winter politics

Judith Ireland Is this the politics of our discontent? We may have passed the winter solstice (shout out to all the pagans!) but the political scene continues to be whipped by unforgiving winds and dominated by...

Judith Ireland

Those who want the good news will still read the fine print

Judith Ireland Weird that when the news broke that Fairfax was axing 1900 jobs, closing printing presses, chopping its broadsheets in half and ''monetising'' digital content that there was a certain element of glee...

Surplus to needs: Libs get scoop on free press

Alex Hawke

Judith Ireland The news of drastic restructures and job cuts at Fairfax and News Limited has left a lot of people wondering about the future of the media.

Judith Ireland

Great debate not yet for the birds

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott during question time in Canberra.

Judith Ireland Depending on whether you think the carbon tax will be a cobra strike, python squeeze or enviro-economic miracle, there's one thing we can all be happy about.

Judith Ireland

C'mon world, there's a whole lot more to us than 'girly stuff'

Dinkus of Judith Ireland for oped

Judith Ireland A brief history of the (female) world: in the Dark Ages - denied the right to vote, do an exam or work in a corner office - women were deemed to be too irrelevant.

Judith Ireland

Elizabethan era marks end of republican hopes for Australia

Judith Ireland The Queen's diamond jubilee this week has reminded everyone why it's so great to have royals. For starters, you get to use the word ''pomp'' in sentences in a non-ironic capacity.

Judith Ireland

Hoping Parliament has better days ahead

Judith Ireland Do you ever get the feeling that the best thing for Australian democracy would be to get rid of the federal Parliament?

Olympic vibes inspire pollies to compete in games of outrage

Judith Ireland With the Olympics just two months away, the spirit of competition is in the air and on the airwaves.

Poles apart: from inspiration to interrogation

Judith Ireland The Liberal Party's regular sitting week meeting yesterday featured a special guest speaker.