Mark Kenny

Mark Kenny

Mark Kenny is Fairfax Media's chief political correspondent. A director of the National Press Club, he regularly appears on the ABC's Insiders, Sky News Agenda, and Ten's Meet the Press. He has reported from Canberra under three prime ministers and several opposition leaders.

Fear of ascendancy of Scott Morrison leads to scuttling of homeland security super-ministry

Mark Kenny and James Massola A move within the Abbott cabinet to establish a homeland security super-ministry drawing together several major departments and functions looks to have been scuttled because senior figures viewed it...

Abbott to pull trigger on war

Tony Abbott

Mark Kenny A cabinet decision to sign off on military action in Iraq is just days away, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has revealed.

Tony Abbott tells UN Australia would lead by example, but fails to mention climate change

Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Mark Kenny Tony Abbott has lauded Australia's "lead by example" approach listing four challenges facing the world, but conspicuously leaving out climate change - the subject of a special leader's summit earlier...

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Abbott weak on home front, but a lion abroad

Mark Kenny dinkus Dinkus

Mark Kenny The PM refuses to lead on global warming but is gung-ho on dealing with global terror.

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Barack Obama condemns Russia's new imperialism at UN

US President Barack Obama addresses the UN General Assembly.

Mark Kenny US President Barack Obama has told Russia to get back to behaving within international norms or face push-back from NATO countries and the wider international community.

'Unflinching' support for fight against terrorism: Tony Abbott addresses the UN Security Council

Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses the United Nations Security Council meeting on Foreign Terrorist Fighters

Mark Kenny Prime Minister Tony Abbott has reaffirmed Australia's "unflinching" support for the war against global terrorism, amid official fears that more than 20 Australian jihadists have already returned from...

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Bishop planning visit to Iraq 'mayhem'

Julie Bishop

Mark Kenny Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has again left open the possibility of Australian military action in Syria.

'Bigger threat than terrorism': Barack Obama signals Australia, India and China must improve on climate change

US President Barack Obama said climate change would be the defining issue of the century.

Mark Kenny and Lisa Cox Barack Obama has called on the developed nations such as Australia and developing giants such as India and China to lift their games on cutting emissions - declaring "nobody can stand on the...

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Parts of Syria 'ungoverned space', says Julie Bishop, as questions continue over legal basis for US strikes

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop said parts of Syria was ''ungoverned space'' as she discusses the threat of Islamic State at the UN in New York.

Mark Kenny Vast territory in Syria's north-east is "ungoverned space", Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has suggested, following talks in New York, as questions continued about the legal basis for US attacks...

Get ready to be mugged by complexity

Mark Kenny.

Mark Kenny There were hopes for Afghanistan In December 2008 when Australia had about 1000 troops there. Then defence minister Joel Fitzgibbon's optimism didn't last long, Mark Kenny says.

Clear intent from would-be terrorists: Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott speaking to troops at RAAF Base Williamtown: The Prime Minister has applauded Thursday morning's counter-terrorism operation, saying there was clear evidence the would-be terrorists planned to commit demonstration beheadings in Sydney.

Mark Kenny Tony Abbott has congratulated Australia's intelligence and police services for foiling a terror plot by gathering evidence he said had gone beyond mere suspicion to establish clear "intent" on the...

Prime Minister Tony Abbott's unique challenge as threat exposes divisions

Mark Kenny dinkus

Mark Kenny This was what Australian security agencies feared most: the sudden manifestation of stand-alone acts of violence albeit inspired by the exhortations of IS fanatics in the Middle East.

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Former treasurer Peter Costello criticises government's debt levy

Former treasurer Peter Costello.

Mark Kenny and Rose Powell Former Liberal treasurer criticises the government's 2 per cent temporary deficit levy on high income earners, arguing it is essentially a political sweetener to secure spending cuts which have not...

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Australian special forces in Iraq to gather intelligence, direct air strikes

A Kurdish Peshmerga fighter launches mortar shells.

Mark Kenny and David Wroe Australia's elite special forces commandos on the ground in Iraq are likely to take a leading role in the gathering of intelligence, the identification of Islamic State insurgents, and in their...

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Abbott declares UN resolution unnecessary for Australian forces to fight in Iraq

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Around 80 Aussie troops went through Sydney International Airport on Tuesday afternoon headed for the Middle East, 16 September 2014. They used a charter plane but checked in through the commercial terminal. Photo Diimex

Mark Kenny Australia does not need the legal protection of a United Nations Security Council resolution to wage war in Iraq, Tony Abbott has declared, while pointedly leaving open the option of extending the...

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Does war mean we're set for a khaki election?

Australian SAS Soldiers

Mark Kenny Even two years out, it appears inevitable that Australia is headed for a khaki election in 2016. This is undoubtedly advantageous for the incumbent government.

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Tony Abbott warns Australians fighting for Islamic State could be targeted by RAAF bombs


Mark Kenny Tony Abbott has moved to scale back expectations of the Iraq foray, arguing military intervention is not an attempt to establish a pluralist democracy in the war-torn country but an attempt to defeat...

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Abbott declares war on the Islamic State 'death cult'

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Mark Kenny Two hundred elite special forces soldiers could be on the ground in Iraq within days after the Abbott government agreed to a US request to provide planes and 600 personnel to the region as part of a...

Slowly does it, but battle-ready Australia will be at war

Mark Kenny.

Mark Kenny Tony Abbott and Defence Forces chief Mark Binskin maintain that no final decision has yet been taken on an actual deployment to participate in a military action in Iraq and potentially even, Syria.

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott raises terror alert level to high

The Abbott government struck a deal with the Palmer United Party last week to freeze compulsory super contributions at 9.5 per cent for seven years.

Mark Kenny and David Wroe A terrorist attack on Australian soil - possibly initiated by a lone wolf - is regarded as "likely" prompting ASIO and the Australian Federal Police to shift the official risk assessment from medium...