Matthew Knott

Matthew Knott

Matthew Knott is a political reporter in the Canberra bureau covering communications and education policy.

No charges for suspected foreign fighters Matthew Gardiner and George Khamis

Matthew Knott Two Australian residents suspected of travelling to the Middle East to assist in in the battle against Islamic State have not been charged with any offences weeks after returning to Australia.

Female interviewers attacked for just being tough: ABC's Emma Alberici

<i>Lateline</i> host Emma Alberici.

Matthew Knott Lateline host Emma Alberici - one of the ABC presenters Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said could adopt a "less aggressive" interviewing style - says female...

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ABC presenter Leigh Sales shoots back at Malcolm Turnbull over minister's critique of her interview style

Responsibility: Malcolm Turnbull describes the NBN Co he inherited as

Matthew Knott ABC presenter Leigh Sales has defended her budget night interview with Treasurer Joe Hockey after Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said a "less aggressive" style of interviewing would be...

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Bill Shorten's top three pledges could cost $40 billion

Matthew Knott, Gareth Hutchens Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's ambitious pledge to slash tax on small business, provide free university education for 100,000 students and pump money into research and development...

Nats angry over Youth Allowance

Nationals senator Bridget McKenzie says the waiting period is a major disincentive for regional kids to move away from home to study at university.

Matthew Knott At Wangaratta, student round tables came up over and over again

Budget 2015: The Conversation website to 'take stock' after funding cut by a quarter

Conversation cuts: Education Minister Christopher Pyne.

Matthew Knott Academic website The Conversation will lose a quarter of its annual budget because of the federal government's decision to scrap its funding.

Abbott government moves to let networks show main channels in HD

Matthew Knott The Abbott government is preparing to scrap laws requiring television stations to broadcast their primary channels in standard definition, a move expected to lead to a surge in the amount of sport...

Federal budget 2015: Scott Morrison's Greg Bird slip a spectacular own goal

Controversial NRL player Greg Bird.

Matthew Knott As own goals go, Scott Morrison's was pretty spectacular - a rare gaffe from one of the government's best communicators.

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Budget 2015: The question about his pensions plan that Scott Morrison won't answer

Mind the gap: Just how much will Scott Morrison's new pensions plan cost?

Matthew Knott Scott Morrison has been on a media blitz promoting his overhaul of the pension system. From television to radio to newspapers, the ScoMo Show has been a dazzling display, impossible to avoid.

Greens leadership change: Who is the new Greens leader Richard Di Natale?

Former Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne and new Greens Leader Senator Richard Di Natale leader during a press conference in Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday 6 May 2015. Photo: Andrew Meares

Matthew Knott In a party often accused of being doctrinaire and extreme, he presents as a moderate, reasonable and relatable - the type of guy you could imagine watching the footy at the pub with.

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Bali 9 executions: the mystery Australian Federal Police cop who took a stand

Rehabilitation could help prevent paedophiles from offending.

Matthew Knott In the deluge of information from Monday's marathon Australian Federal Police press conference on the Bali nine case, one revelation was largely overlooked.

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Bali 9 executions: AFP officer Mike Phelan's 10 agonising years

AFP Deputy Commissioner Mike Phelan addressing the media during a press conference on the organisation's work during the Bali Nine investigation, at the AFP Headquarters in Canberra on Monday 4 May 2015. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Matthew Knott It was a measured, clinical performance. Then, suddenly, his eyes grew glassy, his voice pained

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Citizenship for sale: government explores price-based immigration system

The scheme could help the government rein in the budget deficit by bringing in tens of billions of dollars in extra revenue.

Matthew Knott, Deborah Snow The Australian government would sell the right to immigrate to Australia - with migrants no longer accepted based on their skills or family connections - under radical proposals being examined by the...

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Chris Bowen drops opposition to same-sex marriage

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen.

Matthew Knott Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has become the latest politician to drop a long-standing opposition to same-sex marriage by publicly supporting marriage equality.

ATO statistics show number of university graduates with large HEC debts growing

The latest Australian Tax Office statistics show that the number of graduates with debts above $40,000 has doubled over the past two years

Matthew Knott The number of university graduates with large debts is growing but fewer graduates are earning enough to pay back their loans.

Tougher eligibility rules for childcare rebate set to hit stay-at-home mums


Matthew Knott Social Services Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed the Abbott government will introduce tougher rules on the number of hours a parent needs to work each week to receive subsidised childcare, a...

AFP guidelines on death penalty cases too weak, legal experts warn

Justice Minister Michael Keenan will not say why Australia's objection to the death penalty was removed from the ministerial directive to the AFP.

Matthew Knott The Australian Federal Police's guidelines on co-operation with countries that use the death penalty, introduced after the Bali nine ringleaders were sentenced to execution, are not strong...

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Abbott government bill for controversial Dr Karl ad campaign set to hit $11m

The Planner

Karl Kruszelnicki ??author pics

Matthew Knott The Abbott government will spend up to $11 million of taxpayer's money on its controversial Intergenerational Report advertising campaign starring science broadcaster Karl Kruszelnicki .

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'Outraged and offended': bipartisanship breaks down on Bali nine executions


Matthew Knott Justice Minister attacks Labor for "politicking" following the executions of Bali nine ringleaders.

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Bali 9 executions: Abbott government backflipped on AFP death penalty directive

Justice Minister Michael Keenan said the man shot dead by police in Melbourne was a 'known terror suspect'.

Matthew Knott The Abbott government quietly scrapped an instruction to the Australian Federal Police last year requiring it to take Australia's opposition to the death penalty into account when co-operating with...