Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is the political editor of The Age.

How Mike Baird has helped keep Tony Abbott afloat

Michael Gordon The next time Tony Abbott is having a surf with his mate Mike Baird, he should acknowledge his debt to Manly's quiet achiever by calling Baird into the best of the waves.

Landmark report sparks warning over Australia's addiction to 'mind-eating' ice

Minister for Justice Michael Keenan.

Michael Gordon A landmark report on the scale of Australia's ice epidemic has prompted federal justice minister, Michael Keenan, to warn that "our nation's addiction to this mind-eating, personality-distorting,...

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New Senate inquiry to probe sexual abuse in Nauru detention centre

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Michael Gordon The Senate is set to launch an inquiry into abuse of women and children inside the Nauru detention centre after an independent report detailed allegations of rape, sexual assaults and intimidation.

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Tony Abbott's unique despair

Michael Gordon dinkus.

Michael Gordon Coalition MPs nervous about the next federal election will find a few salutary lessons in the past.

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Someone owes someone an apology

Michael Gordon The Moss report is a scathing indictment of the level of care afforded to vulnerable and damaged people who sought protection from Australia after fleeing persecution.

'Malcolm in the middle': a man big on heart and human rights

Malcolm Fraser cries after losing the 1983 election.

Michael Gordon It was Petro Georgiou who offered the most incisive tribute to Malcolm Fraser, one of the towering figures of Australian politics, the man who came to power as the divisive figure of the right and...

A conversation with Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam about the Dismissal

Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam catching up during a book tour by Mr Fraser in 2010.

Michael Gordon Thirty years on, Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser agreed on just about everything but the Dismissal. Michael Gordon reminisced with both of them in this 2005 interview.

Government's plan to lower protection threshold likely to be stymied in Senate

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young says the change

Michael Gordon The Abbott government's plan to reduce the threshold for assessing whether people face harm if they are returned to their countries of origin faces certain defeat in the Senate.

Outstations message: Closing remote communities will 'finish Broome'

Roy Wiggan (centre) and family in their home at Kennedy Hill.

Michael Gordon in Broome Roy Wiggan has a blunt message for those contemplating the withdrawal of services to scores of Aboriginal outstations in remote Western Australia.

Patrick Dodson's heartfelt plea to Tony Abbott: Change course on indigenous policy before it's too late

Patrick Dodson

Michael Gordon 'Father of reconciliation' Patrick Dodson says Australia's relationship with Aboriginals is at the crossroads.

'Let's get together on Indigenous policy', Shorten to Abbott

Michael Gordon Bill Shorten has urged Tony Abbott to convene a meeting with Indigenous leaders to inject momentum into the push for Constitution recognition and consider new approaches to closing the gap in...

'I'm sorry I voted for him': Outstation residents angry at Tony Abbott over 'lifestyle choices' comments

Keith and Lillian Lawford in front of their home on Budgarjuk outstation on the Dampier Peninsula.

Michael Gordon "He's got a cheek, that Tony Abbott!" says Lillian Lawford, standing in front of the steel-framed house she shares with husband Keith in a tiny community called Red Soil deep in the Dampier Peninsula.

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Tony Abbott's choice of words on Indigenous communities clumsy, insensitive, destructive

Michael Gordon dinkus.

Michael Gordon Where the Prime Minister is dangerously wrong is to reduce a complex question to a glib sound bite.

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Nigel Scullion proclaims 'new relationship' with Indigenous Australians

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion.

Dan Harrison, Michael Gordon The Abbott government has proclaimed "a new relationship of engagement" with Indigenous Australia.

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Rosie Batty to back summit call on violence against women

Australian of the Year Rosie Batty with Tim Watts, Ken Wyatt and Andrew Broad, who established Parliamentarians Against Family Violence.

Michael Gordon Australian of the Year Rosie Batty is poised to back a call by Labor leader Bill Shorten for a national crisis summit on violence against women to be convened as a matter of urgency.

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Ian Macdonald continues his attack on Gillian Triggs

Michael Gordon, Sarah Whyte A senior government senator has continued to attack Gillian Trigg's over the Human Rights Commission's report on children in immigration detention despite admitting he had not read the report.

Poll to firm resolve of MPs wanting to give Abbott more time

Michael Gordon Coalition MPs inclined to give Tony Abbott more time to recover now have a strong argument to back their instincts and resist any move to topple him this week.

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Labor refers offer to find another job for Gillian Triggs to federal police

George Brandis and Gillian Triggs during a Senate estimates hearing on Tuesday.

Michael Gordon, Sarah Whyte The Abbott government has been accused of breaching the criminal code by offering Gillian Triggs an incentive to resign as president of the Human Rights Commission.

Overblown attack on Gillian Triggs leaves messy egg on Attorney-General George Brandis's face

Michael Gordon dinkus.

Michael Gordon The understatement came from Senator George Brandis after hours of a heated, vitriolic and at times tawdy inquisition. "I can't unscramble the egg," the Attorney-General conceded.

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Defiant Gillian Triggs resists pressure from Abbott government to resign

Gillian Triggs President of the Human Rights Commission appeared before a Senate Committee in Canberra on Tuesday 24 February 2015. Photo: Andrew Meares

Michael Gordon, Sarah Whyte Allegations that the Abbott government breached the criminal code by offering Gillian Triggs an incentive to resign as president the Australian Human Rights Commission are likely to be referred to...

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