Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is the political editor of The Age.

Tony Abbott promises 'have a go' income tax cuts

Michael Gordon Tony Abbott has promised to outline detailed plans for tax cuts to address bracket creep in coming months that he will take to the next election.

Injinoo's Backyard Blitz much more than a photo opportunity for ministers

Prime Minister Tony Abbott's hands get dirty during gardening as he assists in the community hall upgrade in the Injinoo community.

Michael Gordon The woman under the hat, working alone and concentrating intently on painting her section of a wall is Renee Leon, one of the country's most senior bureaucrats.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott keeps open same-sex marriage referendum option

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Michael Gordon  Tony Abbott has continued to suggest Australians could vote on two separate referendums if he wins the next election, one on same-sex marriage and one on constitutional recognition of...

Indigenous reality check for Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the tip of Cape York

Got it nailed: Tony Abbott, with nail in  mouth, helps build a cubby house at Bamaga Senior School on the Cape York Peninsula on Wednesday.

Michael Gordon Tony Abbott has given Indigenous people some prospect of more control over how the money is spent in their communities after receiving a heartfelt plea from a regional leader from the tip of Cape...

Finding Private Stephen: Tony Abbott honours Torres Strait war veterans

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Michael Gordon  He is the face of the war story that passed most Australians completely by; one that helped shape the modern identity of the people of the Torres Strait.

Tony Abbott thanks Eddie Mabo daughter 'Aunty Gail' for helping him make history

Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses the media during a doorstop interview on Mer Island during his visit to the Torres Strait Islands, on Monday 24 August 2015. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Michael Gordon on Mer  It was a wreath-laying ceremony quite unlike any other, performed under the shade of banana and paw paw trees in a rainforest on Mer, one of the most distant islands in the remote Torres Strait.

Recognition on track after 'the rumble we had to have'

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Michael Gordon  Tony Abbott has abandoned his opposition to Indigenous-only conferences on constitutional recognition to regain the support of Aboriginal leaders.

Petro Georgiou returns to Parliament with a message for the Abbott government

Mr Georgiou pictured delivering his final speech to Parliament in 2010.

Michael Gordon Australians will ultimately reject the policies that have consigned more than 1500 asylum seekers to life in limbo on Nauru and Manus Island, according to the Liberal MP who forced the Howard...

Tony Abbott moves to heal rift on Indigenous recognition

A breakthrough on the Indigenous recognition issue would set a positive tone for Prime Minister Tony Abbott's week-long visit to Indigenous communities next week.

Michael Gordon Tony Abbott has moved to heal a rift with Aboriginal leaders over their push to establish a unified Indigenous position on what constitution recognition question should be put to the people.

Heydon looks safe, but findings are compromised

Dyson Heydon overlooked key details that would have alerted him to the danger he was placing himself in.

Michael Gordon Role reversals don't get more uncomfortable than the one that was played out at the trade union corruption royal commission on Monday, when the former High Court judge found himself, metaphorically...

Fairfax poll: Forget ScoMo, Malcolm Turnbull is the choice if Tony Abbott tumbles

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon Malcolm Turnbull has firmed as the public's choice of Liberal leader, while the Coalition vote has gone backwards since the Prime Minister survived a leadership spill motion in January.

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Immigration Minister Peter Dutton owes Greens Senator

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton

Michael Gordon The minister should deliver the senator a belated apology. But don't hold your breath.

'They want his scalp': Tony Abbott's same-sex 'victory' puts heat on Malcolm Turnbull

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Michael Gordon  Tony Abbott is weakened after the Coalition's marathon debate on same-sex marriage, but Malcolm Turnbull is the figure most under pressure.

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Not leading, following, as Abbott puts jobs first

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon When Barack Obama announced his Clean Power Plan last week, he declared that no issue posed a greater threat to the future of Americans than climate change - and issued a blunt warning of dire...

Prime Minister Tony Abbott puts Indigenous support for recognition at risk

Noel Pearson's response to Abbott's rejection suggests Indigenous conventions will go ahead regardless of government support.

Michael Gordon Tony Abbott has endangered Indigenous support for constitutional recognition of the first Australians by ignoring the advice of Noel Pearson, the Indigenous leader he has called a visionary and a...

Tony Abbott scuttles Indigenous plan on constitutional recognition

Indigenous leaders, Noel Pearson and Pat Dodson arrive at a meeting with Tony Abbott last month.

Michael Gordon Tony Abbott has rejected a proposal from the country's most respected Indigenous leaders on how to proceed toward constitutional recognition, saying it could lead to "something akin to a log of...

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No Prime Minister, Bronwyn, not the system, was the problem

Michael Gordon dinkus

Michael Gordon Ultimately, it boiled down to a simple proposition: if Bronwyn Bishop didn't go, it would have been Tony Abbott's position that became indefensible and unsustainable.

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Bronwyn Bishop's apology is too little, too late

Speaker of the House of Representatives and federal member for Mackellar Bronwyn Bishop.

Michael Gordon Bronwyn Bishop's belated mea culpa is too little, too late and will not save her.

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Bill Shorten dares Tony Abbott to 'bring on' climate election as Albanese criticises leader

Bill Shorten's stance on boat turn-backs has been criticised by Anthony Albanese.

James Massola, Tom Allard, Michael Gordon Labor leader Bill Shorten is facing a three-day test of his leadership, with asylum seeker policy among debates set to test his authority.